Zuma Beach, Tower 13 – Feb 27, 2022

After a brutal winter of rain High School division and bad weather we were able to fit in our 4th and final event of the season at Zuma Beach for our LA-SB High School division. Waves were small, but the sun was out and the weather was great. Everyone was fired up to get one last event in for the season. Malibu-White dominated the team points with 54 total points. And Vanessa Clarke took the win in the Woman’s Shortboard for her last event before college. Thanks to the parents and coaches for a great season. We look forward to seeing you next year.

Team Results

Malibu-White 54          Def        Palisades 27

Loyola 49                     Def        Malibu Black 26

Ventura C 23                Def        Santa Barbara B 21

Oaks Christian 27         Def        Bishop Garcia Diego 0

Ventura A 37                 Def       Ventura B 33

Santa Barbara A 40       Tie        Westlake 40

Individual Results 

Mens Shortboard

  1. Jake Barragan, Ventura A
  2. Tate Kemble, Ventura A
  3. Beckett Mechtenberg, Ventura A
  4. Van Cusick, Ventura A
  5. Caleb Wilson, West Lake
  6. Mark Kwok, Loyola

Mens Longboard

  1. Bodhi Sahakiam, Palisades
  2. Feh Leon RIvera, Ventura B
  3. Leon Reed, Malibu White
  4. Dino Isle, Santa Barbara A
  5. Max Jacobson, Loyola
  6. Brody Graham, Malibu White

Womens Shortboard

  1. Vanessa Clarke, Malibu Black
  2. Lilly Gilholm, Ventura A
  3. Jayna Malmsten, Santa Barbara A
  4. Riley Segal, Oaks Christian
  5. Carman Brunel, Malibu White
  6. Kalea Gilbert, Ventura C

Womens Longboard

  1. Riley Segal, Oaks Christian
  2. Kalea Gilbert, Ventura C
  3. Whitney Shanahan, Malibu White
  4. Jayana Malmsten, Santa Barbara A
  5. Ella Dritz, Ventura B
  6. Kaiulani Viles, Palisades

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Tate Kemble, Ventura A
  2. Dino Isle Ice, Santa Barbara A
  3. Jake Barragan, Ventura B
  4. Braxton Villagran, Ventura C
  5. Sean Krasner, Malibu White
  6. Elias Williams, Santa Barbara B

Google Map Here

Zuma Beach is in Malibu. The address is 30390 Pacific Coast Hwy. Tower 13 is located south of Guermsey Ave and north of Morning View. From Pacific Coast Hwy look for the off ramp to Parking Lot 9.

$8 per day. There is an attendant on site who will accept cash or credit card.