Zuma Beach, Tower 13 – Mar 16, 2019

With howling offshore east winds the SSS LA-SB Middle School section concluded the last contest of the season. The waves were challenging in the morning with the shore break, but as the tide went out the conditions got better and better throughout the day. The wind died down in perfect timing for the finals. Cabrillo ended up with the victory with 262 points. Congratulations to all competitors, especially the 4 girls who were double finalist in the girls shortboard and longboard!

Team Results

  1. Cabrillo- 262
  2. Malibu White- 253
  3. Malibu Black- 141
  4. Malibu Grey- 95
  5. Santa Barbara Jr- 81
  6. Balboa- 80
  7. Santa Monica- 39
  8. Anacapa- 39
  9. Santa Barbara MS- 31

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Jackson Meskis, Malibu White
  2. Nick Carroll, Cabrillo
  3. Mac Sharp, Cabrillo
  4. Dash Pinegar, Cabrillo
  5. Jack Zoltan, Santa Barbara Jr
  6. Owen Neth, Cabrillo

Mens Longboard

  1. Austen Gasser, Malibu White
  2. Jack Gordon, Cabrillo
  3. Shelby Woodman, Malibu White
  4. Alex Meir, Malibu Black
  5. Tyler Button, Malibu Black
  6. Griffin Barrett, Malibu White

Womens Shortboard

  1. Delaney Poulos, Cabrillo
  2. Talia Swindal, Malibu White
  3. Vanessa Clarke, Malibu White
  4. Jessie Engel, Cabrillo
  5. Luella Pace, Balboa
  6. Nicky Chittenden, Malibu White

Womens Longboard

  1. Vanessa Clarke, Malibu White
  2. Malia Ilagan, Cabrillo
  3. Grace Windisch, Malibu White
  4. Luella Pace, Balboa
  5. Delaney Poulos, Cabrillo
  6. Nicky Chittenden, Malibu White

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Graydon Phelps, Malibu White
  2. Jack Futoran, Anacapa
  3. Holden Osborne, Cabrillo
  4. Kai Owens, Malibu Grey
  5. Harper Rae, Malibu Black

.Google Map Here

Zuma Beach is in Malibu. The address is 30390 Pacific Coast Hwy. Tower 13 is located south of Guermsey Ave and north of Morning View. From Pacific Coast Hwy look for the off ramp to Parking Lot 9.

$8 per day. There is an attendant on site who will accept cash or credit card.