Scholastic Surf Series


SSS is using Surf Signup for online registration.  This system is used by nearly all the amateur surfing organizations in the US and many of the competitive students will already have an account.

Student Registration

When your Coach gives the OK

  1. Parents create an account or login if you already have one.
    Add your child(ren) under your account.
  2. Select your team/school from list & complete the membership

membership button


1.  Team Registration Form

One form for each coach, assistant coach, and/or parent volunteer who will be holding team activities on their own with the team.
**A background check is required for anyone that will be alone with kids at any team activity. The background check link is at the end of the Coach & School Info form.   It will take about 8 minutes to complete with a $30 charge at the end.  It is valid for two years.

2.  Surf SignUp Team Account

Returning Teams use the same account.

New Teams send an email to [email protected] using the email address you want connected to your Team Account.  You will receive an email inviting you to be the Administrator of your Team Account.

3.  Set-up your Surf SignUp Team Account

  1. Log in to your account at and look for the green admin button
  2. Configure Your Account
    1. (optional) Add your bank information if you are going to collect fees online (Settings > Billing)
    2. (optional)  Set Membership Price if you are going to collect fees online.(Memberships > Edit)
    3. Add logo, contact information and any message you have on the homepage (Website > General Settings, Website > Homepage)          More info on managing your team account.