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Welcome SSS Golden Gate High School Surf Teams!

POSTPONED UNTIL OCTOBER – April 27, 2024 – Pilot Team Competition

at Rodeo Beach, Marin County with back up at Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Up to 5 High School Surf Teams will compete in a team format.

Coaches or Team Managers call 760-518-2727 or [email protected] for more information.

Team Registration is OPEN

Coach or Team Manager email [email protected] to set up an online account for registration.

Student Registration $40 – your coach will let you know when to register.

Future plans include:

  • A regular season to run from October – December with one contest a month.
  • Contests at Ocean Beach, Rodeo Beach and Pacifica Beach.
  • Medals are awarded at the end of each contest for Men’s Shortboard and Longboard, Women’s Shortboard and Longboard and Coed Bodyboard.
  • Team and Individual ratings are tracked on our website.
  • State Championships conclude each season.  Qualifying schools from all Sections from San Diego to Santa Cruz are invited to compete.

SSS has over 20 years experience. We offer an excellent after school athletic program designed for team surfing.  Our mission is to introduce surfers to competitive surfing and give them an opportunity to participate in a team sport.  It’s a great way to promote school spirit, encourage physical activity and a great incentive to maintain school grades.  SSS is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and is not directly affiliated with any school.  We use schools as team boundaries for competition purposes. Each team is independent and run by the coach and parent volunteers, similar to Little League.  We provide training for all coaches and carry our own insurance. We currently serve over 90 schools from San Diego to Morro Bay with over 2500 students participating in our program.  Please check our website for more details at  We hope you will join us!