Photo: Crummer

Division 4 competitors are greeted with two-to-three-foot surf, as 2012/2013 season gets underway. The Scholastic Surf Series would like to welcome our new schools: Grauer from Encinitas and Mission Hills from San Marcos.

See  results below:


Team Results Division 4

Horizon 54 def Mission Bay 31
Bishop’s 53 def Classical Academy 38
Mission Hills 41 def Grauer 35
El Camino Bye – Win

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard
1. Jason Belgau, Horizon
2. Aaron Hontucan, Horizon
3. Aaron Ellis, Bishop’s
4. Diego Sans, El Camino
5. Tanner Carney, El Camino
6. Jordan Fearon, Horizon

Mens Longboard
1. Lucca Cometti, Grauer
2. Jordan Fearon, Horizon
3. Jakue Aguerre, Bishop’s
4. Marc Jordan, El Camino
5. Joey Wozniak, Mission Bay
6. Jordan Janowiak, El Camino

Womens Shortboard
1. Avalon Johnson, Classical Academy
2. Nicole Goldsmid, Grauer
3. McKenna Fix, El Camino
4. Marion Beacham, Bishop’s
5. Trishel Cruzada, Horizon
6. Ivana Cook, El Camino

Womens Longboard
1. Marion Beacham, Bishop’s
2. Rebecca Mueller, Horizon
3. McKenna Fix, El Camino
4. Esita Harper, Horizon
5. Ivana Cook, El Camion
6. Tiare Aguerre, Bishop’s

1. Kyler Smith, Classical Academy
2. Marc Jordan, El Camino
3. Matt Taylor, Horizon
4. Cody Spurgeon, Mission Hills
5. Joe Wozniak, Mission Bay
6. Jakue Aguerre, Bishop’s

Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer