Scholastic Surf Series

Zuma Beach, Tower 10 – Oct 1, 2016

October 1 ,2016-Zuma

It was a pumping day at Zuma for the LA to Santa Barbara section. It was about 4 to 6 feet with barreling peeks up and down the beach. The wind went south around 10:00 and then stayed clean for the rest of the day. All the Schools were ripping which caused two ties at the end. Cabrillo and Santa Barbara Jr tied for 1st with 200 points each and Malibu and Muse tied for second with 130 points each. All the Middle schoolers were handling the barreling conditions really well especially Pitas Higgins(Cabrillo). Pitas was in the barrel most of the day and found himself 1st in the boys shortboard. There were a couple broken longboards throughout the day, but that didn’t stop Cosmo Catalfimo (Santa Barbara Jr) from taking 1st place in boys longboards. Charging it all day and winning the Girls Shotboard final with a perfect 10 was Noah Klapp (Muse). Fearless on her longboard and taking 1st in the Girls Longboard final was Brook Carlson (Malibu). Last but not least was Nate Erwin (Cabrillo) winning the Coed BodyBoard. Huge thanks to all of the parents and coaches for their help this weekend.



  1. Cabrillo 200
  2. Santa Barbara Jr 200
  3. Malibu 130
  4. Muse 130
  5. Balboa 95
  6. Santa Barbara MS 62
  7. Santa Monica 42
  8. Los Cerritos 34


Boys Shortboard

  1. Pitas Higgins, Cabrillo
  2. Andrew Doyle, Cabrillo
  3. Hamilton Jacobs, Santa Barbara JR
  4. Marley Sapp, Cabrillo
  5. Curtis Jacobs, Cabrillo
  6. Tyler Miller, Cabrillo

Boys Longboard

  1. Cosmo Catalfimo, Santa Barbara JR
  2. Curtis Jacobs, Santa Barbara JR
  3. Gavin Cross, Malibu
  4. Grayson Epstein, Santa Barbara MS
  5. Darin Takeda, Santa Barbara JR
  6. Jules Sherman, Muse

Girls Shortboard

  1. Noah Klapp, Muse Perfect 10
  2. Sophie Simon, Cabrillo
  3. Milla Heckler, Muse
  4. Melia Haller, Santa Barbara JR
  5. Kiana Carlisle, Balboa
  6. Alana Witting, Muse

Girls Longboard

  1. Brooke Carlson, Malibu
  2. Alana Witting, Muse
  3. Melia Haller, Santa Barbara Jr
  4. Noah Klapp, Muse
  5. Vanessa Clarke, Malibu
  6. Natalie Scharin, Santa Barbara Ms

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Nate Irwin, Cabrillo
  2. Gavin Cross, Malibu
  3. Tyler Chiarappa, Santa Barbara Jr
  4. Charlie Richards, Balboa
  5. Tucker Cafferty, Los Cerritos
    6. Harry Fishman, Santa Monica



Zuma Beach is in Malibu.  The address is 30390 Pacific Coast Hwy.  Tower 10 is located south of Guermsey Ave and north of Morning View.  From Pacific Coast Hwy look for the off ramp to Parking Lot 9.


$8 per day.  There is an attendant on site who will accept cash or credit card.