Scholastic Surf Series

Zuma Beach, Tower 11 – Jan 7, 2018

Despite a little fog in the morning that cleared up in the afternoon the conditions were great for the High School Division 1 SSS event LA to Santa Barbara. The waves were about 2-3 foot with great glassy corners. Dos Pueblos was fired up and came out on top with 77 points defeating Santa Monica with 48 points.  With a stacked Men’s Shortboard final it was Matty Pierce (Santa Barbara) who took the win. Evereyone was absolutely ripping in the men’s Longboard Final, but it was Chase Nelson (Santa Barbara) who took the win. The Woman’s Shortboard final was stacked as well and it was Maddie Malmsten (Santa Barbara) who ran away with the win. Adi Mahan (Morro Bay) got first in the Woman’s Longboard final and Luke Rosa (Palisades) ended up in 1st place in Coed Bodyboard. Thank you to all our sponsors who make this season possible.

Team Results Division 1

Dos Pueblos 77          def         Santa Monica 48

Ventura 70                 def         Palisades 43

Santa Barbara 70       def        Morro Bay 63

Oak Park 68               def         Arroyo Grande 28

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Matty Pierce, Santa Barbara
  2. Sam Reichel, Dos Pueblos
  3. Zane Booth, Dos Pueblos
  4. Arara Tomatsuri, Ventura
  5. Marley Sapp, Ventura
  6. Isaac Fishman, Santa Monica

Mens Longboard

  1. Chase Nelson, Santa Barbara
  2. Riley Svensson, Santa Barbara
  3. Zane Booth, Dos Pueblos
  4. Collin Bosse, Dos Pueblos
  5. Luke Spooner, Oak Park
  6. Marley Sapp, Ventura

Womens Shortboard

  1. Maddie Malmsten, Santa Barbara
  2. Sophie Simon, Ventura
  3. Ashley Trevino, Ventura
  4. Angel Singh, Santa Barbara
  5. Emma Mobley, Oak Park
  6. Kayla Burke, Morro Bay

Womens Longboard

  1. Adi Mahan, Morro Bay
  2. Jules Nesnadny, Ventura
  3. Michaela Bostwick, Dos Pueblos
  4. Ashley Trevino, Ventura
  5. Melia Haller, Santa Barbara
  6. Annalie Ilaagan, Ventura


  1. Luke Rosa, Palisades
  2. Collin Bosse, Dos Pueblos
  3. Elijah Quimby, Morro Bay
  4. Marley Sapp, Ventura
  5. Philip James, Oak Park
  6. Matty Pierce, Santa Barbara


Google Map Here


Zuma Beach is in Malibu. The address is 30390 Pacific Coast Hwy. Tower 10 is located south of Guermsey Ave and north of Morning View. From Pacific Coast Hwy look for the off ramp to Parking Lot 9.


$8 per day. There is an attendant on site who will accept cash or credit card.