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Team Results

Division 1

San Dieguito “A”  69          def     Carlsbad “A”  66
Torrey Pines “A”  70          def     La Jolla  63
La Costa Canyon “A”  65   def     Point Loma  62

Division 2

Torrey Pines “B”  50          def     La Costa Canyon “B”  48
Carlsbad “B”  58                def     San Dieguito “B”  46
Coronado  42                    def     Oceanside  29
Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

1.  Skip McCullough, La Jolla
2.  Brady Ruysschaert, La Jolla
3.  Daniel Bocater, San Dieguito
4.  Vince Heyman, Torrey Pines
5.  Jake Kruger, La Costa Canyon
6.  Sam Zaiser, La Costa Canyon

Mens Longboard

1.  Josh Larocco, Pt. Loma
2.  Cole Magro, Carlsbad
3.  Sven Karlsson, Coronado
4.  Scott Swenson, La Jolla
5.  Matt, Knox, San Dieguito
6.  Austin Nizic, Pt. Loma

Womens Shortboard

1.  Harley Taich, La Jolla
2.  Samantha Lamirand, San Dieguito
3.  Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito
4.  Kacey Harrah, San Dieguito
5.  Ivy Miller, Carlsbad
6.  Shelly Swindell, Torrey Pines

Womens Longboard

1.  Lauren Humann, Torrey Pines
2.  Ivy Miller, Carlsbad
3.  Victoria Gonzales, Pt. Loma
4.  Hannah Dobson, Torrey Pines
5.  Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito
6.  Katie Magers, Pt. Loma


1.  Jake Norcross, Carlsbad
2.  Austin Paccione San Dieguito
3.  Mitch Baker, Torrey Pines
4.  Joe Stefanki, San Dieguito
5.  Logan Benci, La Costa Canyon
6.  Tyler Paul, Carlsbad

From the 5 Freeway exit Carlsbad Village Dr.  Head West until it deadends on Ocean Street turn right to just past Cypress.  Army Navy has private beach access next to the Chapel on the left hand side.  Parking is free in the residential areas.