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Coaches Registration Instructions

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Registration System provided by Surf Signup

  • New School/Team? – If you’re new to Scholastic Surf Series or don’t have a team account yet, please email [email protected] with your school’s name and the email address to be linked to the account. We’ll respond with an invitation for you to become the Administrator of your Team Account.
  • Account Access – Coaches will be sent an invitation email for account management. They also have the option to invite assistant coaches or parents for additional support in handling the school’s account.
    • Password Reset – If you’re already registered and can’t remember your password, utilize the “forgot password” option and follow the prompts using your email address.
  • Payment – Bypass the hassle of collecting individual checks from students. Input your bank details through our management console, and the fees collected will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Setting up Account

Account Access

Coaches will be sent an invitation email to set up and manage the account.

  • If you’re already registered and can’t remember your password, utilize the “forgot password” option and follow the prompts using your email address.
  • If you’re new to Scholastic Surf Series or don’t have a team account yet, please email [email protected] with your school’s name and the email address to be linked to the account. 

1. Set up payment deposit information.

Using Stripe, a popular service for secure online payments, your registration fees go directly to your bank account. You must complete this step before accepting student registrations.

Scholastic Surf Series cannot access your money or bank account.

When setting your fees, please consider that a credit card processing fee will be deducted from that amount. Learn more about credit card fees

2. Registration Charges

Set your registration fees. This amount is up to you, and Scholastic Surf Series will not have access to this money.

  • Additional Registration Options – Use this feature to customize registration for your needs. Examples include:
    • Non-Competition Membership: $-40.00 (a negative amount is the equivalent of a coupon or discount)
    • Late Fee: $20.00

3. Account Access

Invite assistant coaches or parents for additional support in handling the account.
Primary Contact Setting – This will display the name and contact details during registration and confirmation emails, serving as a point of reference should students have questions.


Frequency: Payments are scheduled daily, but transactions require approximately three days for approval.

Fees are as follows:

Credit Card Processing Fees

2.9% + 30¢

Per successful card charge.

Understanding Credit Card Fees in Scholastic Surf Series Registration:

When you charge a $200 registration fee, credit card processing fees are subtracted before you receive the funds. For instance:

  1. Fixed Fee: $5.80 is subtracted from the $200.
  2. Per-Transaction Fee: An additional 30¢ is deducted.

Example Calculation: $200 (registration fee) – $5.80 (fixed fee) – 30¢ (per-transaction fee) = $193.90.

Result: After fees, $193.90 of the original $200 is deposited into your account. Keep this in mind when setting your registration price to cover your costs.

Service Fee


$2 Minimum and $20 Maximum

Understanding the Service Fee at Checkout

This service fee is applied at checkout. This fee is standard across most registration platforms and covers the costs of processing the transaction, maintaining the system, and providing support.

Why is this fee charged?
This service fee allows us to continue offering a seamless, secure, and efficient registration process. It’s a common practice in the industry to ensure the sustainability of the registration system without passing this operational cost directly to the organization.

Managing Account


A comprehensive list of registrants along with their specific details. It also showcases the chosen registration options.

  1. Search Feature: Easily locate a registrant by searching for their name or email address.
  2. Export List: Download all registrant data in a CSV format. This file type is compatible with Excel, Numbers, and other spreadsheet programs.
  3. View registration details & refunds:
    • View detailed information, including medical specifics.
    • Issue a refund.
  4. Change or Update Name: Click on user name to edit

Payments and Revenue

  1. Payments – View a list of all transactions.
    • Transaction Fees: Displayed amounts will factor in SurfSignup’s transaction fee.
    • Details: Click on a specific row to see more about that transaction. (See example below.)
  2. Payouts – Information about funds deposited to your bank.
    • Details: Click on a particular row to view comprehensive payout and deposit specifics.
Example of transaction detail window.
Clicking on rows will display additional details.

Bank Account

To enable online payments, follow a simple 4-step procedure to link your bank account.

Begin by pressing the blue button to initiate the process.

You’ll need the following details:

  • Bank Account and Routing Number.
  • The legal name and associated details of the bank account holder.
  • Either the Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number is tied to the bank account.

More on setting up bank account

Click the blue button to set up your bank account to receive online payments.

When an account has been set up successfully, both buttons will display green.

Registration Fee

Input Your Fee: Specify the registration fee amount.

Processing Fee Note – Be aware that during the registration checkout, an additional processing fee from Surf Signup will be added to the total. This is separate from the amount you’ve entered.

Additional Registration Options – Utilize the additional registration options to tailor the process to your requirements. For instance:

  • T-Shirt: $10
  • Non-Competition Membership: -$40 (Note: Entering a negative value serves as a discount or coupon.)
  • Late Fee: $20


Use coupons to offer discounts at checkout.

  1. Add a coupon

    Coupon Settings
  2. Coupon Code – This is the code user will enter at checkout
  3. Title – If you’re using multiple coupons, this will help you identify them.
    • This is not visible to user.
  4. Discount type and amount
    • Choose from percentage (%) off or dollar value ($) off.
    • Discount value – For example, a value of 20 will be 20% off or $20 off, depending on the discount type.
  5. Active – Unchecking active will disable the coupon from being used.


Add question(s) that appear at checkout.

An example could be T-Shirt size.


Add, Edit, or Delete Account Administrators: Control who can access the school’s account.

  • Adding a User: When adding a user, they will receive an invitation email to set their password and access the account. For smooth onboarding, consider notifying them in advance to anticipate email invitations.
  • Primary Contact Setting: This setting reveals the name and contact information during registration and within confirmation emails. It acts as a go-to point for students seeking clarification or further details.

Bank Information Setup: Details and Requirements

Steps for Connecting Your Bank Account:
Surf Signup is the platform powering online registration for the Scholastic Surf Series. Hence, you’ll notice mentions of ‘Surf Signup’ during the setup phase.

Online Payment Configuration:
Ensure the combination of your name and Employer Identification Number (EIN) perfectly aligns with the details on your IRS documents, such as the Letter 147C or SS-4 Confirmation letter. This includes exact matches for capitalization and punctuation. If you utilize your Social Security number for business tax affairs, you may input that as an alternative.

Here’s what to anticipate when integrating your bank account with the registration system: