Scholastic Surf Series

Oceanside Pier South – Feb 25, 2012

1.  Shorecliffs  220
2.  Bernice Ayer  187
3.  Marco Forster  171
4.  Niguel Hills  120
4.  Thurston  76
6.  Don Juan Avila 52
7.  Vista del Mar  51

Boys Shortboard
1.  Kei Kobayashi, Shorecliffs
2.  Danny Kenduck, Niguel Hills
3.  Connor Dand, Shorecliffs
4.  Lucas Taub, Marco Forster
5.  Gunner Day, Shorecliffs
6.  Connor MacLeod, Niguel Hills

Boys Longboard
1.  David Levy, Marco Forster
2.  Jacob Atwood, Shorecliffs
3.  Noah Atwood, Shorecliffs
4.  Rio Donaldson, Bernice Ayer
5.  Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer
6.  Hunter Albrecht, Niguel Hills

Girls Shortboard
1.  Malia Osterkamp, Vista del Mar
2.  Malia Ward, Shorecliffs
3.  Rachel Tilly, Shorecliffs
4.  Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer
5.  Coco Putnam, Thurston
6.  Ashley Beeson, Niguel Hills

Girls Longboard
1.  Rachel Tilly, Shorecliffs
2.  Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer
3.  Meg Roh, Marco Forster
4.  Kyla Kelley, Vista del Mar
5.  Gabriella McCormic, Bernice Ayer
6.  Myah Bradshaw, Marco Forster

Coed Bodyboard
1.  Walker Carvahlo, Marco Forster
2.  Jaren Harrell, Shorecliffs
3.  Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer
4.  Derek Reynolds, Bernice Ayer
5.  Conner Dand, Shorecliffs
6.  Shane Kimbrough, Bernice Ayer


Woodrow Wilson  52               def       St. Margarets  32
El Toro  39                              def       Santa Margarita  38


Mens Shortboard
1.  Zack Philoctete,  Wodrow Wilson
2.  Dan Stockton, Woodrow Wilson
3.  William Doudna, St. Margarets
4.  Brandon Lockhart, El Toro
5.  Marco Mendoza, El Toro
6.  Riley Gavin, Santa Margarita

Mens Longboard
1.  Dane Peterson, Santa Margarita
2.  Conner Anderson, Santa Margarita
3.  Andrew McKellips, El Toro
4.  Alex Kamgar, St. Margarets
5.  Brendan Hiruma, Woodrow Wilson
5.  Greysen McLain, Woodrow Wilson

Womens Shortboard
1.  Monika Laird, St. Margarets
2.  Pearl Hoogs, Woodrow Wilson
3.  Natasha Grey, St. Margarets
4.  Jade Shearen, El Toro
5.  Jacqueline Stockton, El Toro

Womens Longboard
1.  Monika Laird, St. Margarets
2.  Isibael Gregg, Woodrow Wilson
3.  Jade Shearen, El Toro
4.  Lynzee, Kaner, Woodrow Wilson
5.  Jacqueline Stockton, El Toro

Coed Bodyboard
1.  Jack Harris, Santa Margarita
2.  Jordan Keldsen, Woodrow Wilson
3.  Carter Jahn, St. Margarets
4.  Jacqueline Stockton, El Toro

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,+Oceanside,+CA&hl=en&ll=33.194078,-117.384732&spn=0.007883,0.016608&sll=34.408733,-119.843588&sspn=0.007772,0.016608&vpsrc=6&hnear=Oceanside+Pier,+Oceanside,+California+92054&t=h&z=16 width=580 height=450 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

From the 5 freeway exit Mission Ave. toward Downtown (west).  Turn left at N. Pacific St. Take the first right onto 1st St/Seagaze Dr.  Turn right at The Strand N.

Parking:  Pay lots are located both south and north of the pier.