San Clemente Pier – March 23, 2024

Scholastic Surf Series Orange County Section High School Team Surfing event # 5, last event of the season was held at the north side of the pier in San Clemente. Arriving at 6:15am the skies were clear with a slight offshore breeze and not cold at all, the Ides of March are upon us, in like a lion, out like a lamb . . . or so they say! Waves out of the west and southwest were glassy and chest high with good shape with the tide going down all day. Great conditions and good surfing all morning until the Lion raised its head! Around 11:00am the wind switched to southwest onshore turning the ocean into a wash machine and the rain started pelting competitors, coaches, parents, judges and spectators. The SSS Machine was bound and determined to uphold the Postal Service Motto: “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the surf crazed workers from their appointed rounds”! Then at 1:30 the rain stopped but the wind was relentless. Surfers were still charging with team spirit. Close to the end of contest, the sun was bright, the wind settled down a bit with better waves to filter through, allowing the finalists to showcase their talent. All in all, a challenging way to another great event.

Team Results:

Santa Margarita 44                 Defeats                        J Serra 40

Dana Hills 56                         Defeats                        Capistrano Valley 27

Laguna Beach 55                    Defeats                        Crean Lutheran 37

Saint Margarets                       Win                              Bye

Mens Shortboard

1ST      Brendon Lyons                  Saint Margarets

2ND     Matt Vermilya                   Laguna Beach

3RD     Tosh Johnson                     Dana Hills

4TH      Jacob Brown                      Dana Hills

5TH      Charle Denham                 Saint Margarets

6TH      O’Shea Walder                  Dana Hills

Womens Shortboard

1ST      Brooke Stephens               J Serra

2ND     Sunny Walder                    Dana Hills

3RD     Stella Day                          J Serra

4TH      Olivia Vermilya                 Laguna Beach

5TH      Peyton Cruse                     Saint Margarets

Mens Longboard

1ST      Tosh Johnson                     Dana Hills

2ND     Nate Viscount                    Santa Margarita

3RD     Francesco Pitera                Dana Hills

4TH      Blake Hirst                        J Serra

5TH      Oliver Mattos                    Santa Margarita

6TH      O’Shea Walder                  Dana Hills

Womens Longboard

1ST      Rilynn Baker                        Dana Hills

2ND     Abby Viscount                     Santa Margarita

3RD     Sunny Walder                      Dana Hills

4TH      Hailey Stephens                   J Serra

5TH      Olivia Vermilya                    Laguna Beach

6TH      Heidi Tufo                            Saint Margarets


1ST      Blake Hirst                           J Serra

2ND     Jacob Crouse                        Dana Hills

3RD     Lucas Colon                         Crean Lutheran

4TH      Vince Wallstein                    Laguna Beach

5TH      Summit Awad                      Capistrano Valley

6TH      Nick Fox                              Saint Margarets

7TH     Nate Viscount                      Santa Margarita

Google Map Here

Parking:  Meters $1.50 / hour

From Southbound 5 exit Palizada and turn Right
to El Camino Real turn Left
to Avenida del Mar turn Right
take that all the way to the Pier.

From Northbound 5 exit Presidio and turn Left
to El Camino Real turn Left
to Avenida del Mar turn Right
take that all the way to the Pier.