Army Navy Beach, Carlsbad – Jan 13, 2019

The Scholastic Surf Series is very privileged to be able to have our event at this incredible facility. The Army Navy Academy was founded in 1910 and has this beautiful location in the City of Carlsbad on the Pacific Ocean. Part of their curriculum is Surfing and their Division 5 Surf Team hosted the event for our teams and surfers. It was by far one of the best events of our season with surf in the 4-6 foot range with off shore conditions in the morning and afternoon turning into glassy and perfect conditions for the rest of the day. Outstanding surfing from our surfers with quite a few in double finals. Hayes Hemphill from Santa Fe Christian surfed his way to victory in the Mens Longboard and took 4th in the Mens Shortboard; Josh Rasoul from Rancho Bernardo claimed the win in the Mens Shortboard. Peyton Kemp from Rancho Buena Vista once again showed her dominance taking her second Double Double win of the season in Womens Shortboard and Womens Longboard and her team mate, Matty Klicsu claimed the win in Bodyboard.

Team Results Division 5
Rancho Bernardo 50 def Serra 14
Classical Academy 42 def Army Navy Academy 41
Pacific Ridge 54 def Rancho Buena Vista 33
La Jolla Country Day 47 def El Camino 33
Francis Parker 12 def Granite Hills 0
Santa Fe Christian 53 def Bishops 29

Individual Results
Double Double Award: Peyton Kemp WSB & WLB

Mens Shortboard
1. Josh Rasoul, Rancho Bernardo
2. Aidan Gysler, El Camino
3. Ethan Eisenkerch, El Camino
4. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
5. Connell McCabe, Army Navy
6. Jake Ortega, Rancho Buena Vista

Mens Longboard
1. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
2. Michael Parsons, Santa Fe Christian
3. Mark Tankersley, Francis Parker
4. Jack Shoemaker, Rancho Bernardo
5. Kai Gatchel, Army Navy Academy
6. Nick Stoyshich, Army Navy Academy

Womens Shortboard
1. Peyton Kemp, Rancho Buena Vista
2. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
3. Alanna Butcher, La Jolla Country Day
4. Maile Gaardner-Feingold, Bishops
5. Leilah Tashakorian, La Jolla Country Day
6. Sydney Benedict, Pacific Ridge

Womens Longboard
1. Peyton Kemp, Rancho Buena Vista
2. Maile Gaardner-Feingold, Bishops
3. Makena Foster, Classical Academy
4. Maddy Giek, Francis Parker
5. Alanna Butcher, La Jolla Country Day
6. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian

1. Matty Klicsu, Rancho Buena Vista
2. Keegan Debever, Santa Fe Christian
3. Jack Shoemaker, Rancho Bernardo
4. Leland Lugo, Army Navy
5. Luc Clarke, Pacific Ridge
5. George Scheibler, Bishops
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From the 5 Freeway exit Carlsbad Village Dr. Head West until it deadends on Ocean Street turn right to just past Cypress. Army Navy has private beach access next to the Chapel on the left hand side.

Parking is free in the residential areas.