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Division 5 Gets Underway at Mission Beach

Photo: Crummer

San Diego’s Mission Beach hosts 15 Division 5 high school teams, as they compete for top honors in clean two-to-three foot conditions. The Scholastic Surf Series would like to welcome our new schools: Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad, Coronado, Eastlake, Escondido Charter, La Jolla Country Day and Mar Vista from Imperial Beach. This season the SSS added 19 new schools to the league with 15 of them in the San Diego Section.



Team Results Division 5
St. Augustine 49 def La Jolla Country Day 41
Hi Tech 51 def Francis Parker 31
Pacific Ridge 45 def Serra 44
Rancho Bernardo 65 def Coronado 0
Granite Hills 64 def Escondido Charter 0
Eastlake 57 def Mt. Carmel 29
Steele Canyon 60 def Army Navy Academy 21
Mar Vista Bye Win

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard
1. Vince Heyman, La Jolla Country Day
2. Daniel Nierman, La Jolla Country Day
3. Sage Sanders, Pacific Ridge
4. Nathan Niehaus, Eastlake
5. Bryan Benattou, Pacific Ridge
6. Jake Smith, Pacific Ridge

Mens Longboard
1. Colin Andrews, Rancho Bernardo
2. Evan Castaneda, Serra
3. Lance Lerum, Serra
4. Trevor Olmsted, Steele Canyon
5. Sam Varella, St. Augustine
6. Riley Brandelius, Granite Hills

Womens Shortboard
1. Mikayla Williamson, Granite Hills
2. Amy Leatherman, Mt. Carmel
3. Jaime Wright, Steele Canyon
4. Kaitlin Ray, Granite Hills
5. Julia Zarella, St. Augustine
6. Caitlin Keane, La Jolla Country Day

Womens Longboard
1. Mikayla Williamson, Granite Hills
2. Kaitlin Ray, Granite Hills
3. Amy Leatherman, Mt. Carmel
4. Bailey Richardson, Rancho Bernardo
5. Jennifer Irving, Francis Parker
6. Julia Zarella, St. Augustine

1. Austin Franks, Rancho Bernardo
2. Dylan Brandelius, Granite Hills
3. Chris Gonzales, Army Navy Academy
4. Joan-ha Bae, Pacific Ridge
5. Mitchell Paulson, Serra
6. Matt Wilbur, Steele Canyon

Photo: Crummer


Photo: Crummer


Photo: Crummer


Photo: Crummer