Emma Wood, Ventura – Oct 30, 2021

Our first Middle School LA-SB SSS event of the season was held at Emma Wood in Ventura. It was a cold and cloudy day with some fun 3 to 4 feet corners. All the schools were ripping and fired up for the start of the season, but it was Cabrillo A who came out on top with an overall team point total of 241. Thank you to the parents and coaches for a great start to the season!

Team Results

  1. Cabrillo A 241
  2. Cabrillo B 144
  3. Balboa 124
  4. Santa Barbara MS 108
  5. Malibu White 98
  6. Malibu Black 95
  7. Anacapa 48
  8. Saint Mathews 23

Individual Results

Boys Shortboard

  1. Tate Kemble, Cabrillo A
  2. Shayne Davis, Cabrillo A
  3. Jaime Jamond, Cabrillo B
  4. DestDorigny, Malibu White
  5. Hunter Lemke, Cabrillo A
  6. Braxton Villgran, Cabrillo A

Boys Longboard

  1. Shayne Davis, Cabrillo A
  2. Calvin Petkus, Malibu White
  3. William Stuart, Santa Barbara
  4. Stevie Clarke, Malibu Black
  5. Jack Pointner, Balboa
  6. Dakota Gardner, Malibu Black

Girls Shortboard

  1. Lilly Gilholm, Cabrillo A
  2. Hazel Richard, Cabrillo A
  3. GiseliCarvahlo, Cabrillo B
  4. Savannah Skaar, Cabrillo B
  5. Emmerson Brady, Malibu Black
  6. Oakley Moran, Balboa

Girls Longboard

  1. Addie Bruno, Cabrillo A
  2. Siona Parker, Cabrillo B
  3. Stella Landers, Cabrillo B
  4. Maddy Skaar, Cabrillo A
  5. Ella Dritz, Cabrillo A
  6. Abi Baurelein, Anacapa

 Coed Bodyboard

  1. Stevie Clarke, Malibu Black
  2. Kai Safran, Cabrillo B
  3. Jack Pointner, Balboa
  4. Calvin Petkus, Malibu White
  5. Noah Robinson, Anacapa
  6. Huxley McGetrick, Santa Barbara

.Google Map click here

This is the stretch of beach just south of Solimar Beach and north of Emma Wood State Park.

From Emma Woods take Pacific Coast Highway north.
Contest will be on your left side.
Park along the beach head in to save space.

From Solimar Beach take Pacific Coast Highway south.
The contest will be on the right hand side before Emma Wood State Park.
Park along the beach head in to save space.