Goldenwest Street, HB – Mar 4 2017


The 3rd event for our Orange County Middle School surf teams was ideal for our ninja warriors.  And that is what they imagined themselves being in the shore break that was offered up at Golden West on Saturday.  Conditions were less than ideal as waves popped out the back but immediately backed off and made their way to shore.  Tiny barrels and one maneuver waves were on offer and the ninjas made it happen.  The Boys Shortboard final proved to be a Shorecliffs team practice with six team members in the final.  Nico Coli smashed the BSB final with a 10.0 point air that locked up the victory.  Kai McPhillips (SH) is the ruling king in the Boys Longboard with 3 straight wins.  Elle Emery (MF) scored a 9.0 ride that stamped her number one in the GSB final while Carolyn Sachse (SH) took the win in the GLB.  Danny Espinoza from Niguel Hills took the win in the BB division.  In Division 2 it was Shorecliffs dominating once again with a first place in all divisions.  Bane Corbett (SH) in BSB, Callen Viter (SH) in BLB, Ragan Berg (SH) in GSB and Reece Dewey (SH) in the GLB.

Team Results – Middle School Division 1

  1. Shorecliffs 273
  2. Bernice Ayer 146.5
  3. Thurston 132
  4. Marco Forster 128.5
  5. Niguel Hills 75.5
  6. Don Juan Avila 61
  7. Vista Del Mar 32

Individual Results –  Middle School Division 1

Boys Shortboard

  1. Nico Coli, Shorecliffs
  2. Hagan Johnson, Shorecliffs
  3. Kai McPhillips, Shorecliffs
  4. Myles Biggs, Shorecliffs
  5. Liam Mateer, Shorecliffs
  6. Raiki Nishida, Shorecliffs

Boys Longboard

  1. Kai McPhillips, Shorecliffs
  2. Aidan Sautner, Shorecliffs
  3. Ethan Coleman, Shorecliffs
  4. Nate Pierce, Bernice Ayer
  5. Griffin Glenn, Bernice Ayer
  6. Brady Disbro, Niguel Hills

Girls Shortboard

  1. Elle Emery, Marco Forster
  2. Makayla Moss, Shorecliffs
  3. Taylor Stacy, Shorecliffs
  4. Reese Hartnett, Shorecliffs
  5. Skyler Math, Bernice Ayer
  6. Cascia Collings, Marco Forster

Girls Longboard

  1. Carolyn Sachse, Shorecliffs
  2. Eva Levy, Marco Forster
  3. Taylor Stacy, Shorecliffs
  4. Naomi Valdez, Marco Forster
  5. Kaia Siegel, Bernice Ayer
  6. Haylee Gurney, Thurston

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Danny Espinoza, Niguel Hills
  2. Eli Mount, Don Juan Avila
  3. Luke Blackwill, Bernice Ayer
  4. Julian Williams-Goldberg, Thurston
  5. Noah Simpson, Niguel Hills
  6. Liam Mateer, Shorecliffs

Team Results – Middle School Division 2

  1. Shorecliffs 124.5
  2. Bernice Ayer 47
  3. Dana Point 40.5
  4. Discovery Prep 27

Individual Results  –  Middle School Division 2

Boys Shortboard

  1. Bane Corbett, Shorecliffs
  2. Tyrone Fomenko, Shorecliffs
  3. Dax McPhillips, Shorecliffs
  4. Gavin Wilchek, Shorecliffs
  5. Mitchell Tysler, Dana Point
  6. Lang Hennings, Shorecliffs

Boys Longboard

  1. Callen Viter, Shorecliffs
  2. Tyler Douglas, Bernice Ayer
  3. Rhyn Chambers, Shorecliffs
  4. Rory Catsimanes, Shorecliffs
  5. Brandon Davis, Discovery Prep
  6. Matthew O’Connor, Dana Point

Girls Shortboard

  1. Ragan Berg, Shorecliffs
  2. Savannah Batchelor, Shorecliffs
  3. Alexandra Economos, Shorecliffs
  4. Megan Mills, Bernice Ayer

Girls Longboard

  1. Reece Dewey, Shorecliffs
  2. Megan Mills, Bernice Ayer

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Parking: There is metered parking along PCH and free parking in the residential area.