Oceanside Harbor, So. Jetty – Dec. 16, 2017

San Diego High School Division 5 closed out the year with some fun waves at South Jetty.  A really cold morning but some offshore winds treated the teams to some 4 to 5 foot waves with some fun conditions. Taking the honors for the day was Noelle Walker from Christian Unified with double wins in Womens Shortboard and Womens Longboard.  Mens Shortboard honors go to Jacob Champlin from Classical Academy, Mens Longboard to Hayes Hemphill from Santa Fe Christian and Bodyboard honors to Myles Pollock from El Camino.  Out next event to kick off the New Year will be Sunday, January 7, 2018 at Ponto in Carlsbad. Thank you to the parents and coaches for their support of our SSS program.  SSS wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with lots of good weather and great waves.

Team Results Division 5

El Camino  45                         def       Classical Academy  42

Rancho Bernardo  40              def       La Jolla Country Day  39

Granite Hills  42                      def       Army Navy Academy  37

Santa Fe Christian  53             def       Waldorf San Diego  28

Henry / Steele  50                   def       Serra  39

Christian Unified  28              def       Francis Parker  9

Individual Results 

Mens Shortboard

  1. Jacob Champlin, Classical Academy
  2. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Trent Smith, Waldorf SD
  4. Drake Mason-Koehler, Waldorf SD
  5. Steven Richter, Classical Academy
  6. Josh Rasoul, Rancho Bernanrdo

Mens Longboard

  1. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
  2. Clinton Allen, Henry/Steele
  3. Hunter Robinson, Henry/Steele
  4. Michael Parsons, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Austin Memel, Classical Academy
  6. Ruben Allen, Henry/Steele

Womens Shortboard

  1. Noelle Walker, Christian Unified
  2. Makena Foster, Classical Academy
  3. Ella Frazee, Waldorf SD
  4. Mariah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Chloe Beard, La Jolla Country Day
  6. Collette Webster, El Camino

Womens Longboard

  1. Noelle Walker, Christian Unified
  2. Mariah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Madelaine Giek, Francis Parker
  4. Molly Kirkpatrick, Serra
  5. Ella Frazee, Waldorf SD
  6. Kathryn Peterson, Serra


  1. Myles Pollock, El Camino
  2. Cole Carpenter, Henry/Steele
  3. Daniel Rosenberg, La Jolla Country Day
  4. Jack Wislar, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Trinity Romero, Granite Hills
  6. Tristan Farnum, Christian Unified


Google Map click here

From the 5 Fwy exit Oceanside Harbor Drive
follow the loop West.
Go left towards South Harbor Jetty
The contest will be on the beach at Parking Lot 10.

Parking is $8 per day or free parking in the back lot under train bridge.