Oceanside Harbor, So. Jetty – Mar 2, 2013


Team Results  Division 3

University City  75                  def       Rancho Buena Vista  62

San Marcos  59                      def       Vista  57

Santa Fe Christian  70           def       Cathedral Catholic  58

Westview                                 Bye      Win

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

1.  Taylor Mathiesen, Santa Fe Christian

2.  Matt Beres, University City

3.  Adam Hanson, Rancho Buena Vista

4.  Stanton Presar, Cathedral Catholic

5.  Tanner Waite, Rancho Buena Vista

6.  Nick Hayworth, University City

Mens Longboard

1.  Nick Hayworth, University City

2.  Cole Virgilio, Westview

3.  Chad Schweikert, Rancho Buena Vista

4.  Christian Jones, Rancho Buena Vista

5.  Michael Nation, Vista

6.  Alex Vu, Westview

Womens Shortboard

1.  Keili McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic

2.  Michelle Meyers, San Marcos

3.  Rebecca Kaliff, University City

4.  Amanda Pence, University City

5.  Hailey Horan, Westview

6.  Rebecca Hutton, San Marcos

Womens Longboard

1.  Keili McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic

2.  Ashley Charles, University City

3.  Dana Hamann, University City

4.  Rebecca Kaliff, University City

5.  Rebecca Hutton, San Marcos

6.  Hailey Horan, Westview


1.  Michael Young, Vista

2.  Cullen McGee, Santa Fe Christian

3.  Will Slattery, Rancho Buena Vista

4.  Carsten Lester, University City

5.  Hunter Lindgren, San Marcos

6.  Stan Craychee, Westview


Team Results Division 4

El Camino  52                         def       Classical Academy  41

Horizon  47                             def       Bishop’s  44

Mission Bay  50                    def       Mission Hills  31

Grauer                                      Bye  –  Win

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

1.  Jason Belgau, Horizon

2.  Diego Sans, El Camino

3.  Aaron Ellis, Bishop’s

4.  Addison Lana, Bishop’s

5.  Keenan Wilson,  Horizon

6.  Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino

Mens Longboard

1.  Jordan Fearon, Horizon

2.  Jakue Aguerre, Bishop’s

3.  Marc Jordan, El Camino

4.  Adam Lee, Mission Bay

5.  Jonathan Cremonesi, El Camino

6.  Lucas Monari, Mission Bay

Womens Shortboard

1.  Avalon Johnson, Classical Academy

2.  Pearl Moore, Mission Bay

3.  Nicole Goldsmid, Grauer

4.  Ivanna Cook, El Camino

5.  Liv Johnson, Bishop’s

6.  Keira Caughill, Mission Bay

Womens Longboard

1.  Sophia Drewelow, Grauer

2.  Rebecca Mueller, Horizon

3.  Pearl Moore, Mission Bay

4.  Bekah Reynolds, Classical Academy

5.  Ivanna Cook, El Camino

6.  Marion Beacham, Bishop’s


1.  Kyler Smith, Classical Academy

2.  Aaron Ellis, Bishop’s

3.  Matt Taylor, Horizon

4.  Marc Jordan, El Camino

5.  John Martinez, Mission Bay

6.  Leo Greiner, Grauer
[cetsEmbedGmap src=http://maps.google.com/maps?q=S+Harbor+Dr.+and+N+Pacific+St.,+Oceanside+CA&hl=en&ll=33.205659,-117.389517&spn=0.009551,0.021136&sll=33.204914,-117.39044&sspn=0.004776,0.010568&vpsrc=6&hnear=N+Pacific+St+%26+S+Harbor+Dr,+Oceanside,+San+Diego,+California&t=h&z=16 width=580 height=450 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]


From the 5 Fwy exit Oceanside Harbor Drive
follow the loop West.
Go left towards South Harbor Jetty
The contest will be on the beach at Parking Lot 10.