Oceanside Pier South – Jan 23, 2011

Team Results

Division 1

Torrey Pines “A”  68  def       La Costa Canyon “A”  65

Carlsbad “A”   70       def       Point Loma  62

San Dieguito “A”  75 def       La Jolla  54

Division 2

Carlsbad “B”  60        def       Coronado  39

La Costa Canyon “B”  57.5    def       San Dieguito “B”  45.5

Torrey Pines “B”  42  def       Oceanside  39

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard
1.  Tommy Wehsener, La Costa Canyon
2.  Lucas Johnson, Carlsbad
3.  Brady Ruyschaert, La Jolla
4.  Colin Richardson, La Costa Canyon
5.  Tristan Sullaway, La Jolla
6.  Austin Burns, San Dieguito

Mens Longboard
1.  Sam Zaiser, La Costa Canyon
2.  Cole Magro, Carlsbad
3.  Zach Applegate, Torrey Pines
4.  Austin Paccione, San Dieguito
5.  Richie O’Reilly, San Dieguito
6.  Josh Larocco, Point Loma

Womens Shortboard
1.  Gina Andrews, La Jolla
2.  Samantha Lamirand, San Dieguito
3.  Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito
4.  Ivy Miller, Carlsbad
5.  Lauren Humann, Torrey Pines
6.  Sara Locke, Carlsbad

Womens Longboard
1.  Lauren Humann, Torrey Pines
2.  Ivy Miller, Carlsbad
3.  Sara Locke, Carlsbad
4.  Katie Magers, Point Loma
5.  Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito
6.  Sienna Buccigrossi, Torrey Pines

1.  Joe Diamond, Point Loma
2.  Austin Paccione, San Dieguito
3.  Logan Benci, La Costa Canyon
4.  Eric Stern, La Costa Canyon
5.  Tyler Pahl, Carlsbad
6.  Henry Green, Coronado

Directions:  From the 5 freeway exit Mission Ave. toward Downtown (west).  Turn left at N. Pacific St. Take the first right onto 1st St/Seagaze Dr.  Turn right at The Strand N.

There are Pay Parking lots both south and north of the pier.