Ponto, Carlsbad – April 30, 2023

Well, we accomplished a season for our SDMS Div 2 Surf Teams.  Our Winter weather just does not want to let go but the perseverance of our teams prevailed and we got it done.  Ponto provided some fun 2-3 foot waves with some sunshine and a breeze that kept the chill going. Oceanside came out on top taking the overall win for the event as well as the Overall Team Win for the Season.  Oceanside took the win in 4 divisions, BSB, BLB, GSB, GLB and Muirlands stopped a complete sweep taking a first place in the Bodyboard Division.  All is all it was a great season with all these teams that had the best time being at the beach competing and having fun.

Thanks to the Coaches, Parents and Competitors for their patience in getting this season finished.

Team Results Div 2       Points                                   

  1. Oceanside             172
  2. Oak Crest B           167
  3. Valley B                 148
  4. Pacific Beach         125
  5. Oak Crest C             97
  6. Muirlands                90
  7. Correia B                 57
  8. High Tech                55
  9. San Elijo                  26
  10. Coronado                25
  11. Calavera Hills          10
  12. St. James                   8

Individual Results Div 2                                                    

Boys Shortboard

  1. Ramon Carrillo, Oceanside
  2. Matt Soderman, Muirlands
  3. Vincent Kasunich, Pacific Beach
  4. Tyler Knatz, Oceanside
  5. Julian Thakkar, Oak Crest B
  6. Moses Gilmour, Oceanside

Boys Longboard

  1. Kieran Murphy, Oceanside
  2. Eli Tiep, Oak Crest C
  3. Donovan Kish, Valley B
  4. Miller Brandow, Valley
  5. Sho Briggs, San Elijo
  6. Hudson Souders, Pacific Beach

Girls Shortboard

  1. Dylan Sharp, Oceanside
  2. Ella Anderson, Oak Crest B
  3. Tyler Stanton, Oak Crest C
  4. Isla Hunter, Pacific Beach
  5. Maizy Gordon, Oceanside
  6. Bridget Brown, Pacific Beach

Girls Longboard

  1. Kayla Luce, Oceanside
  2. Gelsey Rico, Valley
  3. Myla Christenson, Oak Crest B
  4. Ella Anderson, Oak Crest B
  5. Charlotte Mullennix, Oak Crest C
  6. Savannah Campos, High Tech

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Sawyer Griffis, Muirlands
  2. Rafael Aguilo, Valley B
  3. Tyler Knatz, Oceanside
  4. Theo LeBeschu, Valley B
  5. Hudson Souders, Pacific Beach
  6. Dominic Wilhelms, Oak Crest B

Google Map here

We will be set-up near Tower 22 just north of the north jetty.

Parking:    There is free parking along Coast Hwy.  There is a lot for public parking $10 – $15 per vehicle all day at the very south end of the beach.

No DOGS allowed.

Propane grills only.