Results from Event #2 of San Diego’s Division 3 High School Surfing

In two-to three-foot conditions with moments of sunshine, seven Division 3 High Schools competed for top honors, but at the end of the day it was Vista, Rancho Buena Vista, and University City High all claiming victory in the Team division. In the individual shortboard divisions, Justin Wood from University City high and Kiara Tompkins from Vista High were able to rise above the talented field of young surfers and add one more accolade to their growing list of accomplishments.

Team Results
Division 3
Vista 77 def Canyon Crest 48
Rancho Buena Vista 81 def Cathedral Catholic 46
University City 72 def Westview 48
San Marcos – Bye – Win

Individual Results
Mens Shortboard
1. Justin Wood, University
2. Matt Meyers, San Marcos
3. Matt Beres, University City
4. Adam Hansen, Rancho Buena Vista
5. Austin Pardi, Westview
6. Austin Baird, San Marcos

Mens Longboard
1. Ricky Cunningham, Cathedral Catholic
2. Austin Pardi, Westview
3. Nick Hayworth, University City
4. Michael Nation, Vista
5. Chad Schwiekert, Rancho Buena Vista
6. Tate Documos, Vista

Womens Shortboard
1. Kiara Tompkins, Vista
2. Savanna Fliers, Rancho Buena Vista
3. Emily Ort, Rancho Buena Vista
4. Jessica Pflibsen, Rancho Buena Vista
5. Michelle Meyers, San Marcos
6. Paige Siniscalchi, Westview

Womens Longboard
1. Becca Hutton, San Marcos
2. Dana Hamann, University City
3. Savannah Fliers, Rancho Buena Vista
4. Jessica Pflibsen, Rancho Buena Vista
5. Tabby Taylor, University City
6. Georgia Flynn, San Marcos

1. Andrew Eccles, Vista
2. Will Slattery, Rancho Buena Vista
3. Jack Abrams Cathedral Catholic
4. Zack Martin, San Marcos
5. Tim Hall, Westview
6. Justin Wood, University City