Scholastic Surf Series

San Diego Division 1 & 2 Results

Photo: Crummer

Last month, we kicked off the first event of the season for the San Diego Middle Schools at Oceanside Harbor on Saturday. Eight Division 1 and five Division 2 San Diego Middle Schools competed in epic surf conditions ranging from 2 to 4 feet with glassy conditions all day. The SSS would like to welcome 6 new San Diego middle schools to the SSS program: Coronado, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Muirlands in Solana Beach, Sanderling Waldorf in Encinitas and St. James from Carlsbad.



Team Results
1. Aviara Oaks 192
2. Earl Warren 137
3. Oak Crest 124
4. Muirlands 112
5. Valley 106
6. Diegueno 102
7. Correia 88
8. San Elijo 53

Photo: Crummer









Individual Results Div 1

Boys Shortboard
1. Jordan Collins, Aviara Oaks
2. Dagan Staff, Aviara Oaks
3. Zack McCormick, Oak Crest
4. Grayson Amthor, Diegueno
5. Gavin Doan, Aviara Oaks
6. Ben Barone, Muirlands

Boys Longboard
1. Jordan Collins, Aviara Oaks
2. Trevor Anderberg, Diegueno
3. Grayson Amthor, Diegueno
4. Ben Goldstein, Aviara Oaks
5. Lorenzo Villela, Muirlands
6. Jacob Hardy, Earl Warren

Girls Shortboard
1. Sydney Tisdel, Aviara Oaks
2. Kiersten Noonan, Earl Warren
3. Avery Johnson, Aviara Oaks
4. Maile Davis, Valley
5. Peyton Slater, San Elijo
6. Hana McEvilly, Valley

Girls Longboard
1. Tyler Chandler, Valley
2. Elle Sampiere, Earl Warren
3. Lia Betanzos, Correia
4. Sierra Tontini, Aviara Oaks
5. Kallista Decelles, Valley
6. Madeline Perreault, Muirlands

Coed Bodyboard
1. Charley Rouse, Valley
2. Sam Pasco, Earl Warren
3. Trevor Anderberg, Diegueno
4. Jack Kollar, Valley
5. Luke McCullough, Earl Warren
6. Orion Lehrmann, Aviara Oaks

Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer

Team Results/Div 2 Points
Oceanside 117
Sanderling Waldorf 97
Coronado 86
St. James 71
Pacific Beach 35

Individual Results Div 2

Boys Shortboard
1. Simon Hausminger, Oceanside
2. Dennis El-Ghoroury, Sanderling Waldorf
3. Wyatt Stoddard, Oceanside
4. Ben Outlaw, Coronado
5. Noah Griffith, Coronado
6. Griffin Lloyd, Oceanside

Boys Longboard
1. Dylan El-Ghoroury, Sanderling Waldorf
2. Ben Outlaw, Coronado
3. Noah Griffith, Coronado
4. Colin Quinn, Sanderling Waldorf
5. Thomas Grigolite, Pacific Beach
6. Blake Boeh, St. James

Girls Shortboard
1. Kendall Mayo, St. James
2. Coral McDuffee, Oceanside
3. Vivian Drewelow, Sanderling Waldorf
4. Grace Harbaugh, Coronado
5. Charlie Schroeder, St. James
6. Sydney Zoehrer, Coronado

Girls Longboard
1. Aine Dwyer, Coronado
2. Nikki Cook, Oceanside
3. Coral McDuffee, Oceanside
4. Charlie Schroeder, St. James
5. Noa Hockman, Sanderling Waldorf
6. Talia Towe, Sanderling Waldorf

Coed Bodyboard
1. Dennis El-Ghoroury, Sanderling Waldorf
2. Cody Yant, Oceanside
3. Cole Waclowski, Oceanside
4. Aiden Paul, Sanderling Waldorf
5. Liam Cavanaugh-Fernandez, St. James
6. Patrick Breen, St. James

Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer
Photo: Crummer