San Fernando Place, MB – Oct 8, 2016

It was a great weekend to kick off the season for our San Diego Middle School surf teams.  With summer weather hanging on it was warm and sunny with a little wind in the afternoon.  2 to 3 foot waves were the norm for the day with some draining tide to mix things up.  Muirlands Middle School continued where they left off last season taking the team opener but the finals were a mixed bag of different teams that will make for some challenges to the individual ratings this season. Luke Butterfield from Oak Crest making his first SSS appearance posted a win in the Boys Shortboard Final.  Jake Klimkiewicz from Muirlands took the win in Boys Longboard with teammate Jordyn Kelly taking first in the Girls Longboard.  Sophia McGovern from Diegueno was first in the Girls Shortboard and Evan McLaughlin from Aviara Oaks first in the Coed Bodyboard Division.  In the team race Diegueno showed they have been working hard all season and was just 2 points behind Oak Crest.

Team Results      Points

  1. Muirlands         215
  2. Oak Crest          170
  3. Diegueno          168
  4. Correia              123
  5. Aviara Oaks    114
  6. Valley                106
  7. Earl Warren      86
  8. Coronado            68
  9. San Elijo              55

Individual Results Div 1

Boys Shortboard

  1. Luke Butterfield, Oak Crest
  2. Evan Gallen, Correia
  3. Flynn Dartland, Muirlands
  4. Gavin Frank, Oak Crest
  5. Crusoe Frapwell, Muirlands
  6. Joe Brogiollo, Diegueno

Boys Longboard

  1. Jake Klimkiewicz, Muirlands
  2. Thor Willink, Correia
  3. Tyler Blackburn, Muirlands
  4. Sam Rahm, Coronado
  5. Owen Loughery, Aviara Oaks
  6. Flynn Dartland, Muirlands

Girls Shortboard

  1. Sophia McGovern, Diegueno
  2. Molly Tuschen, Muirlands
  3. Jordyn Kelly, Muirlands
  4. Casey Lavin, Valley
  5. Shannon Graney, Oak Crest
  6. Ava Beach, Aviara Oaks

Girls Longboard

  1. Jordyn Kelly, Muirlands
  2. Kaitlyn Farley, Oak Crest
  3. Sophia McGovern, Diegueno
  4. Molly Tuschen, Muirlands
  5. Summer Nelson, Correia
  6. Hannah Yates, San Elijo

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Evan McLaughlin, Aviara Oaks
  2. Tommy Kelly, Valley
  3. Cayden Jakabowski, Diegueno
  4. Evan Gallen, Correia
  5. Crusoe Frapwell, Muirlands
  6. Micah Land, San Elijo

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Directions to San Fernando Place:
From the 5 Fwy southbound exit Seaworld Drive turn right. Go about 2 miles and exit onto Ingrahm/W. Mission Bay Drive.
Stay in the right hand lane and take the loop to continue on W. Mission Bay Drive until it ends at Mission Blvd. turn Left. The Parking Lot is on the Right hand side just past the Roller Coaster and the Wave House.

We’ll be set up at the South end of the parking lot on the beach…