San Fernando Place, MB, Oct 16


St. Augustine  53                    def       Serra  35

Bishops  51                            def       Clairemont  37

Mission Bay  49                     def       High Tech  41

Horizon  66                             def       Mt. Carmel  33

El Camino  45                         def       Granite Hills  44

Francis Parker   39                 def       Pacific Ridge  35

Classical Academy  52            def       Steele Canyon  36

Rancho Bernardo  –  Bye  –  Win



Mens Shortboard

1.  Jason Belgau, Horizon

2.  Zack Emge, Francis Parker

3.  Zach Lana, Bishops

4.  Joel Peek, Horizon

5.  Colin Andrews, Rancho Bernardo

6.  Michael Roccoforte, Granite Hills

Mens Longboard

1.  Drew Galaway, Mt. Carmel

2.  Everin Rawlins, El Camino

3.  Luke Erlbeck, Bishops

4.  Colin Andrews, Rancho Bernardo

5.  Zack Emge, Francis Parker

6.  Caleb Richter, Classical Academy

Womens Shortboard

1.  Avalon Johnson, Classical Academy

2.  Alex Hanlon, Pacific Ridge

3.  Kaitlin Ray, Granite Hills

4.  Amy Leatherman, Mt. Carmel

5.  Mikayla Williamson, Granite Hills

6.  Alyssa Mascari, Steele Canyon

Womens Longboard

1.  Mikaela Saili, Mission Bay

2.  Sara Roper, Clairemont

3.  Alannah Weatherly, Mission Bay

4.  Mikayla Williamson, Granite Hills

5.  Bailey Richardson, Rancho Bernardo

6.  Annika Verbrugghen, Clairemont


1.  Brian Vaughn, Pacific Ridge

2.  Kyler Smith, Classical Academy

3.  Austin Franks, Rancho Bernardo

4.  Zach Lana, Bishops

5.  Duncan Tomlin, Francis Parker

6.  Dane Rosen, High Tech

Directions: From the 5 Fwy southbound exit Seaworld Drive turn right. Go about 2 miles and exit onto Ingrahm/W. Mission Bay Drive.
Stay in the right hand lane and take the loop to continue on W. Mission Bay Drive until it ends at Mission Blvd. turn Left. The Parking Lot is on the Right hand side just past the Roller Coaster and the Wave House.

We’ll be set up at the South end of the parking lot on the beach…