San Fernando Place, MB – November 21, 2015

1. Muirlands ‘B’ 151
2. Oceanside 125
3. Valley “B” 124
4. Pacific Beach 123
5. Calavera Hills 114
6. Santa Fe Christian 102
7. High Tech 79
8. Imperial Beach 75
9. Saint James 36
10. Sanderling Waldorf 0

Boys Shortboard
1. Kale Cadam, Pacific Beach
2. Ethan Eisenkerch, Oceanside
3. Justice Guevara, Calavera Hills
4. Carson Smith, Santa Fe Christian
5. Brody Odmark, Muirlands
6. Niko Launais, Pacific Beach

Boys Longboard
1. Justice Guevara, Calavera Hills
2. Sam McDaris, Valley
3. Carlos Elizondo, High Tech
4. Jackson Sherlock, Oceanside
5. Nathan Turecek, Muirlands
6. Aaron Schwarzman, Muirlands

Girls Shortboard
1. Rachel Risko, Oceanside
2. Ella McCaffray, Santa Fe Christian
3. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
4. Shayli Mercado, Valley
5. Alia Franczyk, Oceanside
6. Royce Epperson, Muirlands

Girls Longboard
1. Makena Foster, Oceanside
2. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
3. Royce Epperson, Muirlands
4. Lauren Schmidt, Calavera Hills
5. Iliana Lopez, Imperial Beach
6. Emma Nooren, Muirlands

Coed Bodyboard
1. Kalima Peneke, Calavera Hills
2. Sean Wright, Valley
3. Carson Smith, Santa Fe Christian
4. Jackson Sherlock, Oceanside
5. Alex Klein, Valley
6. Alexandra Phillips, Pacific Beach,+San+Diego,+CA+92109/@32.768277,-117.251909,686m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x80deaa0e10657043:0x52bb47c3b829500a?hl=en

Directions to San Fernando Place:
From the 5 Fwy southbound exit Seaworld Drive turn right. Go about 2 miles and exit onto Ingrahm/W. Mission Bay Drive.
Stay in the right hand lane and take the loop to continue on W. Mission Bay Drive until it ends at Mission Blvd. turn Left. The Parking Lot is on the Right hand side just past the Roller Coaster and the Wave House.

We’ll be set up at the South end of the parking lot on the beach…