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Surfing America Prime Results

Surfing America Prime Results August 29 & 30, 2015, DMJ’s:

Congratulations to Surfing America Prime for their eighth (8) consecutive year of competition. ‘Prime’ is at the top of the surfing ladder for the best of the best in the West of surfing competition. Surfers have earned their invitation thru their member association on the West Coast.

Scholastic Surf Series had some excellent representation in the first event of the season this past weekend, August 29 & 30 at DMJ’s on Camp Pendleton.

Past and present SSS surfers filled the heat sheets. Complete results can be found on the
Surfing America facebook page. You can also check out the awesome photos from the weekend on SA Instagram page.

Congrats to our SSS surfers, past & present, who made the finals :

Boys U 14
1. Levi Slawson, Oak Crest MS
2. Kade Matson, Shorecliffs MS
4. Taj Lindblad, Shorecliffs MS

Boys U 16
2. Crosby Colapinto, Bernice Ayer

Boys U 18
1. Jordy Collins, Carlsbad HS
3. Kei Kobayashi, San Clemente HS

Girls U 16
2. Samantha Sibley, Shorecliffs MS
3. Tiare Thompson, Muirlands MS
4. Kirsten Noonan, Diegueno MS

Girls U 18
2. Bethany Zelasko, Dana Point HS
4. Malia Osterkamp, San Clemente HS

Great event everyone and look forward to the start of our new SSS season in October. And remember one of the roads to the ‘Prime’ is thru the WSA which will have their second (2) event of the season on September 19 & 20 at Ventura Fairgrounds. Remember to sign up the Wednesday before the event if you want to enter.