Ventura County Fairgrounds – Feb 24, 2019

It was a cold offshore morning for the last event of the season for the LA to Santa Barbara High School section. The waves were in the 2-3 foot range with perfect conditions. It stayed clean until the afternoon when a light northwest breeze picked up. All the teams were ripping especially Santa Barbara 1 with the highest team total of the day with 58 team points. Thanks to all the teams for a great season!

Team Results

Santa Barbara-1 58    Def      Santa Barbara-2 36

Oak Park 49               Def      Loyola 34

Palisades 44                Def      Santa Monica-2 32

Malibu 35                    Def      Oaks Christian 22

Santa Monica-1 42     Def      Westlake 0

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Tyler Chirappa, Santa Barbara 2
  2. Hamilton Jacobs, Santa Barbara 1
  3. Curtis Jacobs, Santa Barbara 1
  4. Jalen Kim, Santa Monica
  5. Mason Drammer, Santa Barbara 1
  6. Luke Spooner, Oak Park

Mens Longboard

  1. Riley Svensson, Santa Barbara 1
  2. Tyler Chiarrappa, Santa Barbara 2
  3. Luke Spooner, Oak Park
  4. Conner Kershaw, Oaks Christian
  5. Evan Kassoy, Malibu
  6. Ean Fajl, Oak Park

Womens Shortboard

  1. Riley Malmsten, Santa Barbara 2
  2. Mimi Sullivan, Santa Monica 2
  3. Amelia Mullen, Loyola
  4. Maddie Malmsten, Santa Barbara 1
  5. Jane Crispin, Santa Monica 2

Womens Longboard

  1. Melia Haller, Santa Barbara 1
  2. Jade Blair, Santa Barbara-1
  3. Lauren Hillenbrand, Oaks Cristian
  4. Stephanie Wise, Santa Monica 1

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Jackson Linscomb, Loyola
  2. Hamilton Jacobs, Santa Barbara-2
  3. Jade Blair, Santa Barbara 1


Google Map click here


From Highway 101 exit on California St.
Turn left at California St.
Turn right at Harbor Blvd.
Take the second left onto Figueroa St.
Continue onto Shoreline Drive
Park in the Second parking lot.