Ventura County Fairgrounds Feb 2, 2013

Saturday Feb. 2nd dawned small with a bit of morning sickness at C-st. By ten in the morning it had cleaned up and was small but fun little runners on the point. By noon it was starting to show the new swell that was predicted to hit much later. By the finals time it was pumping! For the middle school kids this was a make up event that was missed due to rainy conditions and unsafe water. The highlights of today from my point of view were the great nose ride in the boys longboard division by Chase Nelson. The great attitude and smiles from Body Board winner Matty Pierce. Sam Reichel coming straight from a snowboard trip to take his first ever win in the boys shortboard and Poppy Brittingham taking her 3rd straight win in the Girls Shortboard after never winning an event prior to this year.
Great job kids. The Ironman award today goes to Adam Hogue who had 4 heats back-to-back-to-back-to-back and made them all.


Santa Barbara J.H.   203
Crane   186.5
Santa Barbara MS   126
Cabrillo     116.5
Malibu     75
Lincoln     57
John Adams     50
Los Cerritos     44

Co-Ed Bodyboard
1st Matthew Pierce  SBJ
2nd Nico Fairbanks  CR
3rd William Wright  L
4th Whit Shelburne  CR
5th Christian Herman  CR
6th Evan Stowell   CAB

Girls Longboard
1st Elle Gaston   CAB
2nd Poppy Brittingham  CR
3rd Gigi Grossman   L
4th Kalina Stork    SBJ
5th Sophie Breathed   SBM
6th Dia Rpbin   SBM

Girls Shortboard
1st Poppy Brittingham   CR
2nd Casady Urbany   SBJ
3rd Addie Furrer  SBM
4th Sophie Major  L
5th Olivia Seimans  CR     No waves ridden
5th Kayli Dugas  CAB      No waves ridden

Boys Longboard
1st Chase Nelson   SBJ
2nd Lucky McLeland   CAB
3rd Adam Hogue   CR
4th Aden Capps    SBJ
5th Costeau Christopher  SBJ
6th Shea Riley   SBM

Boys Shortboard
1st Sam Reichel   CR
2nd Adam Hogue  CR
3rd S.J. Murphy  M
4th Henry Hepp  SBJ
5th Julian Maes SBJ
6th Sky Petretti M



TODAY’S COMPETITION HAS BEEN POSTPONED due to unsafe weather conditions and will be rescheduled.

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From Highway 101 exit on California St.
Turn left at California St.
Turn right at Harbor Blvd.
Take the second left onto Figueroa St.
Continue onto Shoreline Drive
Park in the Second parking lot.

There is a fee for all day parking.