9th Street, Huntington Beach – Jan 6, 2024

The morning started off with some bright & blue skies with a very slight offshore cool breeze and the waves were Pumping!!! Sets were ranging up to 3 feet overhead and the teams were charging. Big Northwest ground swell mixing in with a West Northwest wind swell. It was so consistent there were No Lulls!!!  “Par Excellence” surfing performed by: (DH) Asher Hodgman 9.0, (StM) Brendon Lyons 8.0, (DH) Francesco Pitera 8.0, (JS) Brooke Stephens 8.0, (DH) Tosh Johnson 9.2.  Winning the Trinity Award (making finals in 3 divisions) was Dana Hills Tosh Johnson. Tosh almost won the “Ultimate Trinity Award” (1st in 3 Divisions); Tosh placed 1st MSB, 1st BB, and 2nd MLB. Congratulations to All the Teams and Competitors!!!

Team Results:

Laguna Beach 46             Defeats       Capistrano Valley 35

Dana Hills 57                   Defeats       Crean Lutheran 35

Saint Margarets 45.5       Defeats       Santa Margarita 38.5

J Serra                             Win             Bye

Mens Shortboard

1ST Tosh Johnson Dana Hills

2ND O’Shea Walder Dana Hills

3RD Keegan Lane Capistrano Valley

4TH Gavin Grant J Serra

5TH Brody Galmarino Santa Margarita

6TH Brendon Lyons Saint Margarets

Womens Shortboard

1ST Brooke Stephens J Serra

2ND Maddy Moschopolous Capistrano Valley

3RD Violet Yoshida Saint Margarets

4TH Chloe Wainwright Saint Margarets

5TH Sunny Walder Dana Hills

6TH Delaney Rowe Crean Lutheran

Mens Longboard

1ST O’Shea Walder, Dana Hills

2ND Tosh Johnson, Dana Hills

3RD Gavn Grant, J Serra

4TH Francesco Pitera, Dana Hills

5TH Blake Hirst, J Serra

5TH Porter Fasalo, Capistrano Valley

Womens Longboard

1ST Rilynn Baker, Dana Hills

2ND Indie Hoffman, J Serra

3RD Taylor Ames, J Serra

4TH Sunny Walder, Dana Hills

5TH Ella Calaicavo, Santa Margarita

6TH Heidi Tufo, Saint Margarets


1ST Tosh Johnson, Dana Hills

2ND Vince Wallstein, Laguna Beach

3RD Blake Hirst, J Serra

4TH Luca Colon, Crean Lutheran

5TH Summit Awad, Capistrano Valley

6TH Emilio Vujovich, Santa Margarita

6TH Sawyer Collins, Saint Margarets

Google Maps click here

From the 405 exit on Goldenwest  St. head south/west towards the beach to
Pacific Coast Hwy turn left.  9th Street is on your right hand side.

Metered Parking along Pacific Coast Hwy.
Free parking in the residential area.
Pay Public Parking available just south of 9th Street.