Carpinteria State Beach – Dec 17, 2023

The final event of our SSS High School Ventura to Morro Bay Division was another epic day of weather and waves. It was about 5-6 feet and kind of walled, but the kids managed to find some good corners. Fin Weitzen from Morro Bay even managed to get two perfect 10’s in two separate heats. All schools were ripping, but it was Morro Bay that took the highest team point total with 82 total points defeating Dos Pueblos A (53). Thanks to all the parents and coaches for an amazing season with great weather and awesome waves. Happy Holidays!

Team Results

Ventura A          76        Def      Arroyo Grande     53

Dos Pueblos B   62       Def       Ventura B             49

Morro Bay         82       Def       Dos Pueblos A      52

Individual Results 

Mens Shortboard

  1. Tate Kemble, Ventura A
  2. Fin Weitzen, Morro Bay
  3. Elias Blackwell, Morro Bay
  4. Dylan Brownell, Morro Bay
  5. Nathan Meyer, Morro Bay
  6. Beckett Mechtenberg, Ventura A

Mens Longboard

  1. Otis Kelly, Morro Bay
  2. Reid Hammer, Morro Bay
  3. Josaia Peneueta, Dos Pueblos B
  4. Tomoki Inayama, Ventura B
  5. Emory Wishon, Morro Bay
  6. Oliver Jenssen, Arroyo Grande

Womens Shortboard

  1. Lilly Gilholm, Ventura A
  2. Ruby Heinrich, Dos Pueblos
  3. Kai Smith, Arroyo Grande
  4. Camden Merrick, Dos Pueblos
  5. Ava Beckett, Morro Bay
  6. Devereaux Wigo, Dos Pueblos B

Womens Longboard

  1. Adrina Asuncion, Morro Bay
  2. Stella Landers, Ventura A
  3. Camden Merrick, Dos Pueblos A
  4. Giseli Carvalho, Ventura B
  5. Maddy Skaar, Ventura A
  6. Ella Pucci, Arroyo Grande

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Tate Kemble, Ventura A
  2.  Kevin McGibbe, Dos Pueblos A
  3. Reno Hallmeyer, Morro Bay
  4. Jake Kuwata, Dos Pueblos B
  5. Tomoki Inayama, Ventura B
  6. Nash Fernsler, Arroyo Grande

Google Maps click here:

From Highway 101 in Carpinteria exit on Casitas Pass Road and head west.
Turn right onto Carpinteria Ave.
Turn left onto Palm.
Palm curves around right and becomes Sandy Land Road.
Parking lot is on your left.

Parking is $10 per day.