Emma Wood, Ventura – Oct 22, 2023

Our second SSS event of the season was held at Emma Wood beach for our LA-SB High School division. It was similar to the day before with a mix of northwest wind swell and some south swell in the 4 to 5 foot range. The mix of swells made for some fun dumpy corners and all the schools handled the conditions well. A light south wind picked up late morning, but died in the afternoon and it stayed clean for the rest of the day. All schools were ripping, but it was Santa Barbra A 59 with the highest total team defeating Westlake 23. Thanks to the parents and coaches. We Look forward to seeing you at Ventura Fair Grounds on November 5th.

Team Results

Santa Barbara A 59     Def        Westlake 23

Malibu Black 48          Def        Oaks Christian 19

Malibu White 52         Def        Palisades 39

Cate Hs 46                  Def        Pacifica Christian 26

Santa Barbara B 52     Def        Loyola 31

Individual Results 

Mens Shortboard

  1. Aiden Alabada, Santa Barbara A
  2. Elias Smith, Cate HS
  3. Luc Doering, Santa Barbara B
  4. Ian Hard, Palisades
  5. Noah Nguyen, Palisades
  6. Dest Dorigny, Malibu White

Mens Longboard

  1. Nate Silberberg, Palisades
  2. Bodhi Sahakian, Palisades
  3. Dakota Gardner, Malibu Black
  4. Alexander Meir, Malibu White
  5. Leon Reed, Malibu Black
  6. Aiden McDermott, Santa Barbara A

Womens Shortboard

  1. Riley Segal, Oaks Christian
  2. Carmen Brunel, Malibu White
  3. Sage Malmsten, Santa Barbara A
  4. Amelia Klohr, Malibu Black
  5. Jayna Malmsten, Santa Barbara A
  6. Camille Garvin, Malibu White

Womens Longboard

  1. Allegra Barazan, Malibu White
  2. Riley Segal, oaks Christian
  3. Jayna Malmsten, Santa Barbara A
  4. Kauilani Viles, Palisades
  5. Hazel Heckes, Santa Barbara B
  6. Paloma Padilla, West Lake

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Jonny Foster, Cate HS
  2. Levi Zapata, Santa Barbara A
  3. Sean Krasner, Malibu White
  4. Paloma Kastenberg, West Lake
  5. River Huhn, Santa Barbara B
  6. Dean Pitari, Loyola

.Google Map click here

This is the stretch of beach just south of Solimar Beach and north of Emma Wood State Park.

From Emma Woods take Pacific Coast Highway north.
Contest will be on your left side.
Park along the beach head in to save space.

From Solimar Beach take Pacific Coast Highway south.
The contest will be on the right hand side before Emma Wood State Park.
Park along the beach head in to save space.