Huntington Beach Pier – Mar 16, 2019

What a welcomed relief to have a sunny day for our last event of the series.  After so many rainy and cold days Saturday was an awesome day for waves and sun.  Strong offshore winds in the morning turned into glassy conditions in the afternoon.  The pier sandbars were lined up perfectly for some A-frame peaks.  Dax McPhillips was the outstanding surfer of the event taking double wins in Boys Shortboard and Bodyboard for Shorecliffs.

Dax McPhillips, Shorecliffs  –  Double Double Award BSB & BB

Team Results – Middle School Division 1

  1. Shorecliffs 265
  2. Bernice Ayer 167
  3. Marco Forster 136
  4. Thurston 110
  5. Niguel Hills 67
  6. Vista Del Mar 63
  7. Don Juan Avila 35

Individual Results –  Middle School Division 1

Boys Shortboard

  1. Dax McPhillips, Shorecliffs
  2. Ryder Salberg, Shorecliffs
  3. Charlie Stevens, Shorecliffs
  4. Rex Hennings, Shorecliffs
  5. Brayden Burch, Shorecliffs
  6. Nate Pierce, Bernice Ayer

Boys Longboard

  1. Zeke Rose, Bernice Ayer
  2. Rory Catsimanes, Shorecliffs
  3. Nate Pierce, Bernice Ayer
  4. Dominic Salavery, Marco Forster
  5. Banning Wetzel, Shorecliffs
  6. Matthew Chance, Marco Forster

Girls Shortboard

  1. Ezra McPhillips, Shorecliffs
  2. Sierra Downer, Shorecliffs
  3. Scout Mitchell, Thurston
  4. Indie Hoffman, Marco Forster
  5. Addison McPhillips, Bernice Ayer
  6. Devyn Linder, Thurston

Girls Longboard

  1. Addison McPhillips, Bernice Ayer
  2. Indie Hoffman, Marco Forster
  3. Rilynn Baker, Marco Forster
  4. Sierra Downer, Shorecliffs
  5. Ava Steris, Thurston
  6. Kaili Arnston, Bernice Ayer

 Coed Bodyboard

  1. Dax McPhillips, Shorecliffs
  2. Luke Gillon, Marco Forster
  3. Jason Honey, Niguel Hills
  4. Banning Wetzel, Shorecliffs
  5. Jack Thralls, Bernice Ayer
  6. Haiden Motika, Marco Forster


 Team Results – Middle School Division 2

  1. Shorecliffs 139
  2. Thurston 55
  3. Bernice Ayer 34

Individual Results  –  Middle School Division 2

Boys Shortboard

  1. Jackson Hutcheon, Thurston
  2. Arlo Kraus, Shorecliffs
  3. Azure Trujillo, Shorecliffs
  4. Cole Cramer, Shorecliffs
  5. Kai Cassano, Shorecliffs
  6. Shane Stacy, Shorecliffs

Boys Longboard

  1. Finn Whalen, Shorecliffs
  2. Shane Stacy, Shorecliffs
  3. Kai Cassano, Shorecliffs
  4. Cooper Yartz, Bernice Ayer
  5. Reef Hart, Bernice Ayer

Girls Shortboard

  1. Sienna Burch, Shorecliffs
  2. Kaelyn Chism, Thurston
  3. Abby Brown, Shoreclifffs
  4. Mia Moore, Thurston
  5. Maile Beutler, Shorecliffs

Girls Longboard

  1. Maile Beutler, Shorecliffs
  2. Bella Torturro, Bernice Ayer

3.  Morgan Saunders, Thurston.
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Take the 405 to Goldenwest Street South and Turn left onto the PCH.  The Pier is on the right.  Public Parking on both sides of the pier.