La Jolla Shores – Feb 12, 2017

It was an amazing feat that we got thru the 5 event season with no cancellations. It was a bumpy, windy day but ended with sunshine and fun 2 to 3 foot waves.  With five events finishing out the season, champions were determined in some divisions and some are too close to call until the ratings are posted.  In middle school we take the best 4 out of 5 individual ratings to determine the season champion.  Taking the win in the Boys Shortboard was Will Mitchell (Oceanside) and team mate Ryan Risko (Oceanside) took the win in the Boys Longboard.  Girls Shortboard was a virtual tie between Jenna Clark (Pacific Beach) and Noelle Walker (Santa Fe Christian) going into the event so whoever finished best would take the title.  Jenna took the win and claims the season champion for Girls Shortboard.  But Noelle was not to be left out and claimed the win as well as the season champion for Girls Longboard with an undefeated season.  The Bodyboard winner for the event was Noah Warwick (Valley).  In the overall team it was Pacific Beach claiming the Champion title.  Thank you teams, coaches and parents for a great season.  See you at State Championships May 6 & 7 at Oceanside South Jetty.

Team Results Div 2       Points 

  1. Pacific Beach      145
  2. Oceanside      121
  3. Valley ‘B’                100
  4. Calavera Hills        76
  5. Santa Fe Christian        65
  6. Sanderling Waldorf 44
  7. High Tech        38
  8. St. James        18

Individual Results Div 2

Boys Shortboard

  1. Will Mitchell, Oceanside
  2. Nikolus Launais, Pacific Beach
  3. Kale Cadam, Pacific Beach
  4. Silas Patricelli, Pacific Beach
  5. Levi Retish, Pacific Beach
  6. Tanner Armstrong, Oceanside

Boys Longboard

  1. Ryan Risko, Oceanside
  2. Thomas Kreissig, Oceanside
  3. Fisher Geary, Calavera Hills
  4. Jack Van Wagoner, Valley
  5. Alex Kotnik, St. James
  6. Evan Volk, High Tech

Girls Shortboard

  1. Jenna Clark, Pacific Beach
  2. Noelle Walker, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Hannah Dunfee, Pacific Beach
  4. Anika Balint, Valley
  5. Torri Walker, Oceanside
  6. Hana Cosby, Valley

 Girls Longboard

  1. Noelle Walker, Santa Fe Christian
  2. Torri Walker, Oceanside
  3. Hana Cosby, Valley
  4. Ellah Campagna, Pacific Beach
  5. Avalon Besso, Calavera Hills
  6. Avery Menig, Oceanside

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Noah Warwick, Valley
  2. Keegan Rooney, Valley
  3. Sage Stern, Sanderling Waldorf
  4. Wyatt Thornbury, Calavera Hills
  5. Steven Leste, Oceanside
  6. Dylan Jones, Calavera Hills

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