La Jolla Shores – Feb 11, 2017

Whew, we did it.  We completed the season for San Diego Middle School Division 1 with no cancellations this season.  Even though the day started out a little drippy and an excessive high tide, we got thru the day with La Jolla Shores giving us some pretty fun waves in the 2 to 4 foot range.  A little bumpy on the surface but plenty of open face corners to pull off those amazing maneuvers.  With five events finishing out the season, champions were determined in all divisions.  In middle school we take the best 4 out of 5 individual ratings to determine the season champion.  In Boys Shortboard Raphael Castro (Muirlands) took the win and also the season winner with 4 wins.  In Boys Longboard Thor Willink (Correia) took the win and also the season winner with 4 wins as well.  It was a lot closer in the Girls Shortboard but Sophia McGovern (Diegueno) took the win and claimed the season champion with 3 wins and a 2nd while Jordyn Kelly (Muirlands) did the same in the Girls Longboard.  And in the Bodyboard Division Evan McLaughlin (Aviara Oaks) and Tommy Kelly (Valley) were in a virtual tie going into the event so whoever placed higher would claim the season champion.  Evan edged out Tommy to take home the title.  In the overall team division all 5 events count toward the season champion.  While Oak Crest came on strong for the last 2 events it was Muirlands who stayed strong and pulled out the Overall Season win with 3 wins.  Congratulations to all our teams for a great season of competition.  Keep on surfing and get ready for the Middle School State Championships on May 6 & 7 at Oceanside South Jetty.

Team Results/Div 1       Points

  1. Oak Crest      222
  2. Muirlands             208
  3. Diegueno      137
  4. Aviara Oaks      131
  5. Valley      115
  6. Coronado        80
  7. Correia                   80
  8. Earl Warren        68
  9. San Elijo        36

Individual Results Div 1

Boys Shortboard

  1. Raphael Castro, Muirlands
  2. Cole McCaffray, Oak Crest
  3. Kaylib Yang, Oak Crest
  4. Luke Butterfield, Oak Crest
  5. Greyson Grant, Oak Crest
  6. Alex Cockrell, Muirlands

Boys Longboard

  1. Thor Willink, Correia
  2. Tyler Blackburn, Muirlands
  3. San Rahm, Coronado
  4. Ethan Hazlett, Correia
  5. Flynn Dartland, Muirlands
  6. Jack Ochoa, Valley

 Girls Shortboard

  1. Sophia McGovern, Diegueno
  2. Cami Loker, Aviara Oaks
  3. Jordyn Kelly, Muirlands
  4. Casey Lavin, Valley
  5. Molly Tuschen, Muirlands
  6. Jordan Alstad, Coronado

Girls Longboard

  1. Kaitlyn Farley, Oak Crest
  2. Melia Stubbs, Aviara Oaks
  3. Jordyn Kelly, Muirlands
  4. Sophia McGovern, Diegueno
  5. Brooke Ochoa, Valley
  6. Molly Tuschen, Muirlands

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Evan McLaughlin, Aviara Oaks
  2. Matt Humphreys, Diegueno
  3. Tommy Kelly, Valley
  4. Deagan Ruminski, Muirlands
  5. Zach Lewis, Diegueno
  6. Alex Veljovich, San Elijo


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