Oceanside Harbor, So. Jetty – Nov 20, 2016


It was another great day at South Jetty with a new solid northwest swell filling in.  After having unusual summer weather the past 2 weeks we skipped the fall season and jumped right into winter.  The only remnant of summer was the water which was definitely warmer than the air.  But the four to six foot waves with great conditions made up for the colder temps.  Congratulations to all the finalists for their outstanding performances.  Gold medals were awarded to Alec Kauffman, La Costa Canyon, in the Mens Shortboard while Trevor Anderberg, San Dieguito took home his second gold medal this season.  Kiersten Noonan from San Dieguito threw down some nines in the final to take the gold medal in the Womens Shortboard.  Christine

Showmaker from Canyon Crest made her first trip to the winners circle and took the gold in Womens Longboard and Logan McLaughlin from Carlsbad scored the win in Bodyboard.

Happy Thanksgiving to our SSS surfers and their families.  See you at Church’s in December.

Team Results

Division 1

La Jolla  70                              def       Carlsbad “A”  65

San Dieguito “A”  71              def       La Costa Canyon  64

Torrey Pines  69                      def       Point Loma  53

Division 2

Carlsbad “B”  51                     def       Oceanside  34

San Dieguito “B”  55              def       Torrey Pines “B”  31

Canyon Crest                                      Win     Bye

Individual Results 

Mens Shortboard

  1. Alec Kauffman, La Costa Canyon
  2. Graham New, Torrey Pines
  3. Jack Gallen, Point Loma
  4. Simon Hausmaninger, Oceanside
  5. Noah Slawson, San Dieguito
  6. Brett Naudin, San Dieguito

Mens Longboard

  1. Trevor Anderberg, San Dieguito
  2. Dylan Delaney, La Costa Canyon
  3. Matt Perreault, La Jolla
  4. Jacob Hardy, Torrey Pines
  5. Lorenzo Villela, La Jolla
  6. Jacob Baer, Carlsbad

Womens Shortboard

  1. Kiersten Noonan, San Dieguito
  2. Tiare Thompson, La Jolla
  3. Sydney Tisdel, Carlsbad
  4. Maile Davis, Carlsbad
  5. Elle Sampiere, Torrey Pines
  6. Joceline Marchand, Oceanside

 Womens Longboard

  1. Christine Shoemaker, Canyon Crest
  2. Lucy Jarrard, Carlsbad
  3. Julie Shuman, La Costa Canyon
  4. Kira Stanley, La Costa Canyon
  5. Olivia Censoplano, Carlsbad
  6. Kaitlyn Krueger, Canyon Crest

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Logan McLaughlin, Carlsbad
  2. Kellen Andrew, La Costa Canyon
  3. Kelsey Davis, Carlsbad
  4. Austin Killeen, San Dieguito
  5. Andy Schade, Canyon Crest
  6. Jacob Stevensen, Torrey Pines

Google Map click here


From the 5 Fwy exit Oceanside Harbor Drive
follow the loop West.
Go left towards South Harbor Jetty
The contest will be on the beach at Parking Lot 10.

Parking is $8 per day or free parking in the back lot under train bridge.