Pismo Pier – Nov 3, 2019

The Ventura-Morro Bay High School section kicked off its 2nd event of the season at Pismo Beach. The surf was in the 2-3 foot range with perfect conditions. It was hot and sunny all day with almost no wind. Everyone was ripping especially Ventura 1 with the highest team total of the day with 87 team points. There were a couple stand outs in the finals. One of them was Finn Reyes (Ventura 1) In the longboard final displaying some amazing nose rides and traditional longboarding. Also, Makena Burke (Ventura 1) was absolutely ripping in the Womens Shortboard final. Thanks to everyone for an amazing event!


Team Results

Ventura1 87                Def                  Morro Bay 54

Arroyo Grande73                    Def                  Ventura2 48

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Owen Neth, Ventura 1
  2. Marley Sapp, Ventura 1
  3. Sam Moore, Arroyo Grande
  4. Arara Tamatsuri, Ventura 1
  5. Hayden Foreman, Ventura 2
  6. Zach Harris, Dos Pueblos

Mens Longboard

  1. Finn Reyes, Ventura 1
  2. Jack Gordon, Ventura 1
  3. Zach Harris, Dos Pueblos
  4. Nolan Dorn, Morro Bay
  5. Noah Harris, Dos Pueblos
  6. Shane Harlow, Dos Pueblos

Womens Shortboard

  1. Makena Burke, Ventura 1
  2. Delaney Poulos, Ventura 1
  3. Stella Mohan, Morro Bay
  4. Annika Lange, Ventura 2
  5. Kaili Falk, Dos Pueblos

Womens Longboard

  1. Kayla Burke, Morro Bay
  2. Olivia Willhite, Ventura 1
  3. Naralie Scharin, Dos Pueblos
  4. Kaili Falk, Dos Pueblos
  5. Annika Lange, Ventura 2
  6. Cordelia Reilly, Morro Bay

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Noah Harris, Dos Pueblos
  2. Jack Gordon, Ventura 1
  3. Gabriel Paul, Morro Bay
  4. Finn Hoover, Ventura 2
  5. Kai Ayala, Arroyo Grande.

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