Pismo Pier – Oct 30, 2022


It was an awesome day at the Pismo Pier event for the SSS High School Santa Barbara to Morro Bay Division. With some good size swell in the 5-6 foot range all the guys and girls were charging. The wind was swirling all day from onshore to offshore and finally picked up for the last couple finals of the day, but it did not matter because all the competitors on the central coast are used to these raw conditions. All of the teams were surfing great, but it was Morro Bay again with the highest total team points (81) defeating Dos Pueblos ‘B’ with (50). Thanks to all the parents and coaches. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next event in Ventura.

Team Results

Arroyo Grande 70       Def      Dos Pueblos ‘A’ 62

Morro Bay 81              Def      Dos Pueblos ‘B’ 50

Individual Results 

Mens Shortboard

  1. Jackson Meyer, Morro Bay
  2. Finley Weitzen, Morro Bay
  3. Isaiah Nystrom, Morro Bay
  4. Josia Peneuta, Dos Pueblos A
  5. Makai Tracht, Arroyo Grande
  6. Jack Coniguila, Arroyo Grande

Mens Longboard

  1. Jack Conigiula, Arroyo Grande
  2. Josaia Peneuta, Dos Pueblos A
  3. Noah Beck, Dos Pueblos B
  4. Reid Hammer, Morro Bay
  5. Ben Resnick, Morro Bay
  6. Oliver Jenssen, Arroyo Grande

Womens Shortboard

  1. Ruby Heinrich, Dos Pueblos A
  2. Lola Weatherly, Morro Bay
  3. Sydney Phillips, Morro Bay
  4. Rebecca Jamgochian, Dos Pueblos B
  5. Sophia Jamgochian, Dos Pueblos A
  6. Saige Sewell, Arroyo Grande

Womens Longboard

  1. Rebecca Jamgochian, Dos Pueblos B
  2. Summer Ridout, Morro Bay
  3. Ginger Russell, Morro Bay
  4. Maddie Johnson, Arroyo Grande
  5. Ruby Heinrich, Dos Pueblos
  6. Sophia Jamgochian, Dos Pueblos A

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Jack Mcgibben, Dos Pueblos A
  2. Jane Hotaling, Morro Bay
  3. Travis Hendrickson, Arroyo Grande
  4. Jake Kuwata, Dos Pueblos B

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