San Clemente Pier – Feb 2, 2013


The Scholastic Surf Series completed events this weekend at San Clemente Pier.  Saturday, Feb 2, 2013 was the 3rd event for the Orange County Middle and High Schools.  Sunday, Feb 3, was the 5th and final event for the San Diego Coastal High Schools Div 1 & 2.  It was a great weekend with glassy and warm conditions.  Surf on Saturday was 2-3 foot and increasing surf on Sunday in the 3-5 foot range.  Outstanding performances from Noah Hohenester from Bernice Ayer who is now the Boys Shortboard leader with 2 back to back wins.  The same for Tera Richardson from Shorecliffs with 2 back to back wins with 2 remaining events.

Team Results – Middle School

1.  Shorecliffs  263

2.  Bernice Ayer  189

3.  Thurston  147

4.  Marco Forster  117

5.  Don Juan Avila  56

6.  Vista Del Mar  50

7.  Niguel Hills  49

Individual Results –  Middle School

Boys Shortboard

1.  Noah Hohenester, Bernice Ayer

2.  Curran Dand, Shorecliffs

3.  Bryce Crane, Shorecliffs

4.  Gunner Day, Shorecliffs

5.  Noah Atwood, Shorecliffs

6.  Jeremy Shutts, Thurston

Boys Longboard

1.  Jacob Atwood, Shorecliffs

2.  Gus Day, Shorecliffs

3.  River Covey, Shorecliffs

4.  Kai Takayama, Bernice Ayer

5.  Jack Benjamin, Marco Forster

6.  Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer

Girls Shortboard

1.  Tera Richardson, Shorecliffs

2.  Alexa Elseewi, Bernice Ayer

3.  Bethany Zalesko, Shorecliffs

4.  Lily Benjamin, Marco Forster

5.  Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer

6.  Ashley Beeson, Niguel Hills

Girls Longboard

1.  Teresa O’Connor, Marco Forster

2.  Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer

3.  Kailey Biggs, Shorecliffs

4.  Gabriella McCormick, Bernice Ayer

5.  Kaila Patterson, Shorecliffs

6.  Kendall Osorio, Marco Forster

Coed Bodyboard

1.  Derek Reynolds, Bernice Ayer

2.  Brad Prolo, Shorecliffs

3.  Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer

4.  Shane Kimbrough, Bernice Ayer

5.  Kian Feiner, Shorecliffs

6.  Kyle Saavedra, Marco Forster


Team Results – High School

Laguna Beach  59       def       St. Margarets  27

Woodrow Wilson 62    def       El Toro  5

Santa Margarita           Bye      Win

Individual Results  –  High School

Mens Shortboard

1.  Connor Anderson, Santa Margarita

2.  Tyler Cassill, Laguna Beach

3.  Cameron DePfyffer, Laguna Beach

4.  Michael Bassangan, Wilson

5.  Blair Conklin, Laguna Beach

6.  Dane Peterson, Santa Margarita

Mens Longboard

1.  Tobie Grierson, Laguna Beach

2.  Diego Enriquez, Wilson

3.  Eric Siegrist, Laguna Beach

4.  Cameron DePfyffer, Laguna Beach

5.  Dan Stockton, Wilson

6.  Dane Peterson, Santa Margarita

Womens Shortboad

1.  Coco Putnam, Laguna Beach

2.  Savannah Garcia, Wilson

3.  Isibael Gregg, Wilson

4.  Megan Roby, Santa Margarita

5.  Chloe Norris, St. Margarets

Womens Longboard

1.  Chloe Norris, St. Margarets

2.  Megan Roby, Santa Margarita

3.  Coco Putnam, Laguna Beach

4.  Savannah Garcia, Wilson

5.  Dana Morris, El Toro

Coed Bodyboard

1.  Blair Conklin, Laguna Beach

2.  Neil Ridens, Santa Margarita

3.  Zach Simpson, Wilson

4.  Blake Pasternack, St. Margarets

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,-117.619817&spn=0.001966,0.004152&sll=33.420112,-117.619538&sspn=0.000983,0.002076&vpsrc=6&hnear=Avenida+Victoria+%26+Coronado+Ln,+San+Clemente,+Orange,+California+92672&t=h&z=18 width=580 height=450 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

From Southbound 5 exit Palizada and turn Right
to El Camino Real turn Left
to Avenida del Mar turn Right
take that all the way to the Pier.

From Northbound 5 exit Presidio and turn Left
to El Camino Real turn Left
to Avenida del Mar turn Right
take that all the way to the Pier.