San Fernando Place, MB – Nov 24, 2019

Another challenging weekend of surf for our SSS competitors at Mission Beach.  A new first of the season as a new booming Northwest swell filled in with some 5 – 7-foot sets.   A lot of close outs but when you found that corner it was the speed track to the big finish.  And don’t forget the discount our SSS sponsor Sharp Eye Surfboards is offering our Scholastic Surf Series members, parents and coaches.  Check out the SSS website and/or pick up a flier at our next event on December 14 at Oceanside South Jetty. See you soon.

Team Results Division 5

La Jolla Country Day  49                    def       Serra  26.5

High Tech  51                                    def       Bishops 35

El Camino  62                                     def       Clairemont  29

Vista  57                                              def       Pacific Ridge  32

Rancho Bernardo  56                          def       Army Navy  23

Classical Academy  44                        def       Francis Parker  27

Individual Results


Mens Shortboard

1   Trajan Vavra, High Tech

  1. Ethan Eisenkerch, El Camino
  2. Levi Schwartz, Vista
  3. Austin Memel, Classical Academy
  4. Jake Adams, Vista
  5. Dylan Parkinson, Classical Academy

Mens Longboard

  1. Jack Fischer, Rancho Bernardo
  2. Dylan Gruber, Bishops
  3. Mark Tankersley, Francis Parker
  4. Mac Rosen, La Jolla Country Day
  5. Ty Vaughn, Vista
  6. Ryder Strawn, La Jolla Country Day

Womens Shortboard

  1. Peyton Kemp, Rancho Buena Vista
  2. Rory Engh, Bishops
  3. Makena Foster, Classical Academy
  4. Lauren Crotinger, El Camino
  5. Maddy Giek, Francis Parker
  6. Lily Karnavas, Pacific Ridge

Womens Longboard

  1. Peyton Kemp, Rancho Buena Vista
  2. Makena Foster, Classical Academy
  3. Rory Engh, Bishops
  4. Lily Karnavas, Pacific Ridge
  5. Maddy Giek, Francis Parker
  6. Alanna Butcher, La Jolla Country Day


  1. Garrett Bedford, High Tech
  2. Steven Leste, El Camino
  3. Matty Klicsu, Rancho Buena Vista
  4. Jacob Sirios, Clairemont
  5. Josh Rasoul, Rancho Bernardo
  6. Luc Clark, Pacific Ridge

Google Map click here

Directions to San Fernando Place:

From the 5 Fwy southbound exit Seaworld Drive turn right. Go about 2 miles and exit onto Ingrahm/W. Mission Bay Drive.
Stay in the right hand lane and take the loop to continue on W. Mission Bay Drive until it ends at Mission Blvd. turn Left. The Parking Lot is on the Right hand side just past the Roller Coaster and the Wave House.

We’ll be set up at the South end of the parking lot on the beach..