Ponto, Carlsbad – Jan 8, 2022

Another fun day of surf for event #2 for the ORCO MS Surf Teams.  Traveling a little south to Ponto each year gives everyone a different surf break to experience.  With very little swell in the past few weeks, it was good to find some 2-3 foot waves from a little pulse for the northwest.  Shorecliffs had a great result with many team riders in all finals of Division 1.  Bernice Ayer followed in the second spot with multiple surfers in the finals as well as Marco Forster.  In Division 2 Shorecliffs once again took the team win followed by Niguel Hills taking 2nd.

The rain out makeup for the October 9th event in Oceanside is now rescheduled for March 12,  2022.  Please mark your calendars.

Team Results – Middle School Division 1

  1. Shorecliffs 263
  2. Bernice Ayer 165
  3. Marco Forster 115
  4. Thurston  114
  5. Vista Del Mar 70
  6. Don Jau Avila 62
  7. Niguel Hills 39

Individual Results Division 1

Boys Shortboard

  1. Kai Finn, Shorecliffs
  2. Chase Matheson, Bernice Ayer
  3. Chase Niemann, Shorecliffs
  4. Jacob Brown, Marco Forster
  5. Tanner Sandvig, Shoecliffs
  6. Laird Lavik, Shorecliffs

Boys Longboard

  1. Luke Stark, Marco Forster
  2. Chase Matheson, Bernice Ayer
  3. Harvey Nelson, Shorecliffs
  4. Tanner Sandvig, Shorecliffs
  5. Finn Brodrick, Shorecliffs
  6. Max Braeutigam, Bernice Ayer

Girls Shortboard

  1. Gwyneth Lyon, Vista Del Mar/ Double Double Award
  2. Mia McLeish, Shorecliffs
  3. Eden Walla, Bernice Ayer
  4. Riley Belden, Thurston
  5. Remy Todd, Shorecliffs
  6. Ellie Heinrich, Shorecliffs

Girls Longboard

  1. Gwyneth Lyon, Vista Del Mar / Double Double Award
  2. Stella Day, Don Juan Avila
  3. Ava Damitio, Shorecliffs
  4. Ellie Heinrich, Shorecliffs
  5. Olivia Vermilya, Thurston
  6. Ryley Bailey, Bernice Ayer


  1. Noah Lavik, Shorecliffs
  2. Merrick Motika, Marco Forster
  3. Ryder Weatherley, Thurston
  4. Tyler Smith, Bernice Ayer
  5. Kaiden Lowe, Marco Forster
  6. Luke Steenblock, Niguel Hills

Team Results – Middle School Division 2

  1. Shorecliffs 123
  2. Niguel Hills 93
  3. Bernice Ayer 59
  4. Thurston 42
  5. Marco Forster 39

Individual Results Division 2

Boys Shortboard

  1. Eryk Brandt, Shorecliffs
  2. Cruz Fry, Bernice Ayer
  3. Noah Rogers, Niguel Hills
  4. Grant Parsons, Shorecliffs
  5. Parker May, Niguel Hills
  6. Brody Depena, Niguel Hills

Boys Longboard

  1. Gage Schroeter, Marco Forster
  2. Brody Depena, Niguel Hills
  3. Rex Kraus, Shorecliffs
  4. Jake Reisender, Shorecliffs
  5. Kai Esposito, Shorecliffs
  6. Nate Viscount, Marco Forster

Girls Shortboard

  1. Happy Sagar, Shorecliffs
  2. Caiya McAlister, Shorecliffs
  3. Cali Beutler, Shorecliffs
  4. Maia Miller, Thurston
  5. Brooklyn May, Niguel Hills
  6. Maya Lee, Thurston

Girls Longboard

  1. Phoebe Hennings, Shorecliffs
  2. Mia Kirouac, Nigue. Hills
  3. Ella Black, Thurston
  4. Abby Devore, Marco Forster
  5. Kylin Barnes, Bernice Ayer

Google Map here

We will be set-up near Tower 22 just north of the north jetty.

Parking:    There is free parking along Coast Hwy.  There is a lot for public parking $10 – $15 per vehicle all day at the very south end of the beach.

No DOGS allowed.

Propane grills only.