Ventura County Fairgrounds – April 14, 2018


It was a nice sunny day with perfect conditions for the LA to Santa Barbara section. It was about 4 to 6 feet and reeling down the point. There was a little off shore breeze that lasted till the afternoon and then went sheet glass for the rest of the day. All the schools were ripping and fired up for then last event of the year, but it was Cabrillo with 269 team points who one the overall ratings. Pitas Higgins (Cabrillo) was showing off his great point break skills and found himself in  1st place in the boys shortboard final. Taking the win in the mens longboard final with some great foot work also from Cabrillo was Ram Pierce. The girls were ripping all day, but it was Milla Heckler  (Muse) who took the win in the the Girls Shortboard. Delaney Poulos (Cabrillo) was ripping all day and found herself in first place in the girls longboard final for the second event in a row. Last, but not least it was Tyler Chirappa (Santa Barbara Jr) winning the Coed Body boarding. Huge thanks to all of the parents and coaches for their help this weekend, and thank you to all of our sponsors who make the SSS season possible.

Team Results – Middle School Division  

  1. Cabrillo 269
  2. Santa Barbara Jr 190
  3. Malibu White 132
  4. Malibu Black 122
  5. Santa Monica 80
  6. Balboa 79
  7. Muse 66
  8. Santa Barbara MS 52.5
  9. Anacapa 36.5

Individual Results –  Middle School

Boys Shortboard

  1. Pitas Higgins, Cabrillo
  2. Tyler Chiarappa, Santa Barbara Jr
  3. Theo Friesen, Muse
  4. Curtis Jacobs, Santa Barbara Jr
  5. Liam Osborne, Cabrillo
  6. Finn Reyes, Malibu Black

Boys Longboard

  1. Ram Pierce, Cabrillo
  2. Dylan Goldberg, Malibu White
  3. Hamilton Jacobs, Santa Barbara Jr
  4. Austen Gasser, Malibu White
  5. Jack Gordon, Malibu Black
  6. Finn Reyes, Malibu Black

Girls Shortboard

  1. Milla Heckler, Muse
  2. Delaney Poulos, Cabrillo
  3. Talia Swindal, Malibu White
  4. Annika Lange, Cabrillo
  5. Mimi Sulliven, Santa Monica
  6. Jessie Engel, Balboa

Girls Longboard

  1. Delaney Poulos, Cabrillo
  2. Annika Lange, Cabrillo
  3. Jade Blair, Santa Barbara Jr
  4. Zoey Ziskind, Santa Barbara Jr
  5. Vanessa Clarke, Malibu Black
  6. Anna Hardy, Baliboa

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Tyler Chiarappa, Santa Barbara Jr
  2. Haden Osborne, Anacapa
  3. Patrick Holloway, Cabrillo
  4. Ryder Sapp, Balboa
  5. Kade Plante, Malibu
  6. Gavin Cross, Malibu White

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From Highway 101 exit on California St.
Turn left at California St.
Turn right at Harbor Blvd.
Take the second left onto Figueroa St.
Continue onto Shoreline Drive
Park in the Second parking lot.