Scholastic Surf Series

Ventura Middle School Event Goes OFF!!

Sunday’s wrap-up: WAVES WERE PUMPING!!! All day the waves kept pumping and pumping. We scored our best waves of the season. The waves ranged between 4-to 6-feet with really good shape. Ironically, the rain that caused the event to be postponed several weeks ago created a great sandbar on the point, and the kids were able to get long rides all day. Next Sunday the High School Division will hope to have the same luck.

Boys Short Board
1st Roman Jensen  – Malibu
2nd Matt Murry  – Santa Barbarba
3rd Henry Jenkensen – Malibu
4th Cameron Packham – John Adams
5th Jason Knell  – Crane
6th Ben Brewer  – Crane

Girls Short Board
1st Nalani Kelly-Marsh   – Malibu
2nd Sierra Kelly  – Lincoln
3rd Olivia Siemens  – Crane
4th Caroline Stellar  – Los Cerritos
5th Hope Dalton  – Santa Barbara
6th Anais Berman  – Santa Barbara

Boys Longboard
1st Matt Murry  – Santa Barbara
2nd Soren WIlde  – Santa Barbara
3rd Jeff Knell  – Crane
4th Matt Tomlinson  –  Los Cerritos
5th Jasper Rhodes  – Crane
6th Sawyer Rhodes  – Crane

1st Jake Levin  – Malibu   Jake won every bodyboard event this season
2nd Soren WIlde – Santa Barbara
3rd Ryan Cullen  – Santa Barbara
4th Winston Churchill –  Malibu
5th Matt Murry  – Santa Barbara
6th Penn “Bulldozer” MacNeil

Girls Longboard
1st Nalani Kelly-Marsh   – Malibu
2nd Maddie LoMonaco  – John Adams
3rd Hope Dalton  –  Santa Barbara
4th Natalie Hubbard  –  Lincoln
5th Talea Rendon  – Los Cerritos
6th Anais Berman  – Santa Barbara

School Results
Crane 142pts
Malibu 135pts
Santa Barbara 133pts
John Adams 84pts
Los Cerritos 42pts
Lincoln 28pts