Event # 3 of SD’s Division 4

The Scholastic Surf Series, a division of the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA), completed event # 3 of San Diego’s Division 4 High School surfing on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at Oceanside Pier. After being delayed and postponed for 3 events this season, Div 4 High Schools finally competed in good 4- to 6-foot surf. Division 4 will finish up their season next weekend at Mission Beach and Oceanside. The surfers were treated to great prizes from The Wave House, SUPERbrand Surfboards, Ransom Wax, Vitamin Water, and Body Glove, as well as complimentary subscriptions to Transworld Surf. The High School State Championships will take place April 30, thru May 1 & 2, 2011 at Oceanside Harbor. For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Administrative Director, at 760-518-2727 / [email protected] or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director at 760-439-0863 / [email protected].

Oceanside was every competitors dream: 4- to 6-foot offshore and perfect peeling right's and left's. Photo: Sheri Crummer
All orange can do is mind-surf this one. Photo: Sheri Crummer


Team Results Division 4
San Marcos 60 def Pacific Ridge 31
St. Augustine 50 def El Camino 46
Serra 23 def Army Navy 0
Mt. Carmel 41 def Francis Parker 32
Granite Hills 66 def Rancho Bernardo 37
Bishop 51.5 TIE Clairemont 51.5
High Tech Win Bye

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard
1. Zack Emge, Francis Parker
2. Trent Turner, El Camino
3. Collin Duguid, High Tech
4. Chandler Crossman, El Camino
5. Austin Finley, Francis Parker
6. Addison Lana, Bishop

Shortboard Finalists. Photo: Sheri Crummer

Mens Longboard
1. Trent Turner, El Camino
2. Colin Andrews, Rancho Bernardo
3. Jake Smith, Pacific Ridge
4. James Maysent, Bishop
5. Jacob Cook, Clairemont
6. Adam Wright, Granite Hills

Longboard Finalists. Photo: Sheri Crummer

Womens Shortboard
1. Melissa LeRoux, Rancho Bernardo
2. Amy Leatherman, Mt. Carmel
3. Becca Hutton, San Marcos
4. Piper Evans, St. Augustine
5. Julia Zarella, St. Augustine
6. Courtney Hoffman, Bishop

Women Shortboard Finalists. Photo: Sheri Crummer

Womens Longboard
1. Sara Roper, Clairemont
2. Breanne Schoaff, Mt. Carmel
3. Becca Hutton, San Marcos
4. Amy Leatherman, Mt. Carmel
5. Bridgette Cook, St. Augustine
6. Courtney Hoffman, Bishop

Women Longboard Finalists. Photo: Sheri Crummer

1. Brian Vaughn, Pacific Ridge
2. Zach Lana, Bishop
3. John Dunn, Clairemont
4. Austin Franks, Rancho Bernardo
5. John Armstrong, San Marcos
6. Marc Jordan, El Camino

Bodyboard Finalists. Photo: Sheri Crummer