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Santa Monica SSS Middle School Event Results

Sunday in Santa Monica dawned a fun day of surfing for the Scholastic Surfing Series final event of the Channel Season. As I crested the hill on Pico and Ocean, I could see glassy fun waves that were breaking both left and right. The surf was 2-to 3-foot face and remained fun all contest.

With this being the final event of the season there were a lot of competitors fighting for the ratings lead and for team points.

A few highlights of the event had to be Vinny Leonelli surfing really fast and on rail in every shortboard heat. He won all of them including the final.

In the Men and Women’s Longboard divisions there was some classic nose rides thrown down by Jackson O’Connor, Trae Candy, Trevor Robbins and eventual winner Evan Trauntvein. The ladies did not let the guys out do them as Isabell Radis posted the highest score of the day, a 9.3 average but she came up just short on a countback to Frankie Seely.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the State Championships in April. — Matt Malone

Team vs Team Results
Agoura 38pts vs Santa Barbara 67pts
Oak Park 35pts vs Lancers 68pts
Palisades 36pts vs Dos Pueblos 67pts
Malibu 72pts vs Ventura 40pts

Mens Shortboard
1st Vinny Leonelli
2nd J.J. Kerson
3rd Ashton Malkon
4th Eric Ronning
5th Will Reichel
6th Nathan Paul

Mens Longboard
1st Evan Trauntvein
2nd Vinny Leonelli
3rd Trevor Robbins
4th Trae Candy
5th Jackson O’Connor
6th Kyle Woods

Womens Shortboard
1st Frankie Seely
2nd Danica Downing
3rd Savannah Sutherlund
4th Arianna Wallis
5th Isabelle Radis
6th Shelby Sharp

Womens Longboard
1st Frankie Seely
2nd Isabelle Radis
3rdMoorea Maguire
4th Billie Malkin
5th Rachel Smiley
6th Shannon Brown

Co-Ed Bodyboard
1st Tom Caen
2nd Evan Fuller
3rd Marc Goodenough
4th Bronson Wheelon
5th Riley Garrison
6th Savannah Sutherland

Coach JP Garcia & Abby Brown.