Avalanche, Ocean Beach – Feb 4, 2023

The last event of our Division 3 & 4 series ended with some great waves to finish off the season.  Avalanche once again delivered some 4-6 foot waves with some challenging conditions but also offered up some pretty good scores.  In Division 3 Sophia Todd from Sage Creek had a perfect season taking double double wins for the season in Womens Shortboard and Longboard.  Timothy Fandey also from Sage Creek had a perfect season with 5 wins in the Mens Shortboard Division.  Sage Creek also clinched the Overall Team win with a 5 & 0 record for the season.  In Division 4 it was Coastal Academy that clinched the Overall Team win with a record of 4 & 0 & Tie narrowly beating out Mission Bay 4 & 1 for the win.  Thank you to all the Teams that participated in the SSS Team Competitions this season.  Hope to see you at State Champs.

Team Results  Division 3

Sage Creek 77                         def       Woodrow Wilson  57

La Costa Canyon “A” 80.5       def       Cathedral Catholic  39.5

San Marcos                             win       BYE

Individual Results Division 3             Double Double Award:  Sophia Todd, Sage Creek, WSB & WLB

Mens Shortboard                                                                          

  1. Timothy Fandey, Sage Creek
  2. Trevor Jeffrey, San Marcos
  3. Noah Ackerly, La Costa Canyon “A”
  4. Shane Redela, La Costa Canyon “A”
  5. Owen Keller, Woodrow Wilson
  6. Dakota Lizerbram, La Costa Canyon “A

Mens Longboard

  1. Noah Hogle, Sage Creek
  2. Timothy Fandey, Sage Creek
  3. Dakota Lizerbram, La Costa Canyon “A
  4. Mason Ross, La Costa Canyon “A”
  5. J J Burt, La Costa Canyon “A”
  6. Nathan Donovan, Woodrow Wilson

Womens Shortboard                                                           

  1. Sofia Todd, Sage Creek
  2. Adria Birchall, La Costa Canyon “A”
  3. Evelyn Harris, La Costa Canyon “A”
  4. Lily Apostolakos, San Marcos
  5. Tatum Alanis, Cathedral Catholic
  6. Penelope Pool, Sage Creek

Womans Longboard                                                            

  1. Sofia Todd, Sage Creek
  2. Luna Smith, Cathedral Catholic
  3. Victoria Stewart, San Marcos
  4. Amara Wittensten, Woodrow Wilson
  5. Mackenzie Pyatt, San Marcos
  6. Lily Green, San Marcos


  1. Preston Dau, Sage Creek
  2. Fitzgerald Samuel, La Costa Canyon “A”
  3. Samuel Steele, San Marcos
  4. Christian Granthom, Cathedral Catholic
  5. Jack Reyes, Woodrow Wilson

Team Results Division 4 

Coastal Academy  54              def       Grauer   36

Mission Bay  49                      def       Henry/Steele  40

La Costa Canyon “B”  49         def       High Tech  28

St. Augustine/OLP                   win      BYE


Individual Results  Division 4                     

Mens Shortboard                                                                 

  1. Sage Stern, Grauer
  2. Graham Allen, Mission Bay
  3. Cole Hartman, Coastal Academy
  4. Ezra Balderson, Coastal Academy
  5. Cameron Ferkins, Coastal Academy
  6. Luke McLaughlin, Coastal Academy

Mens Longboard                                                                  

  1. Ezra Balderson, Coastal Academy
  2. Luke McLaughlin, Coastal Academy
  3. Emiliano Mendez, Henry/Steele
  4. Charlie Troy, Grauer
  5. Calvin Steeves, Mission Bay
  6. Abe Goodson, La Costa Canyon “B”

Womens Shortboard                                                           

  1. Taylor Cunningham, Coastal Academy
  2. Mallory Oien, Grauer
  3. Lillian Bozeman, Henry/Steele
  4. Emily Kurth, High Tech
  5. Marina Cardenas, Our Lady of Peace
  6. Viola Miticocchio, Mission Bay

Womens Longboard

  1. Lillian Bozeman, Henry/Steele
  2. Mallory Oien, Grauer
  3. Taylor Cunningham, Coastal Academy
  4. Viola Miticocchio, Mission Bay
  5. Emily Kurth, High Tech
  6. Adelaide Evens,, Our Lady of Peace


  1. Logan Moore, High Tech
  2. Cole Hartman, Coastal Academy
  3. Camden Samuel, La Costa Canyon “B”
  4. Dean Borden, Hery/Steele
  5. Ronin Mortimer, Grauer
  6. Nicholas Nobis, Mission Bay

Google Map Here


I-5 South to San Diego
Exit Sea World Drive and veer to the right
Stay in left lanes and veer to the left on Sunset Cliffs Blvd
You will cross over the river
Turn right on Point Loma Blvd (signal)
Turn right on Voltaire (small street about 1/2 mile down)
You will now be in the parking lot
SSS site is at the very south end of the parking lot

I-5 North
Exit I-8 West (beaches)
I-8 becomes Sunset Cliffs Blvd.
Merge to the left onto Sunset Cliffs Blvd
Turn Right on Point Loma Blvd (signal)
Turn right on Voltaire (small street about 1/2 mile down)
You will now be in the parking lot
SSS site is at the very south end of the parking lot