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San Diego Middle School Event No. 3

With perfect conditions, as well as a pumping 3- to 4-foot swell, competitors tore apart Oceanside Pier’s memorable surf with little disregard other than to claim top-honors. In the end, it was Aviara Oaks and Valley Middle School sharing a well deserved win.




Team Results
1. Aviara Oaks: 186 Points.
1. Valley: 186 Points.
3. Oak Crest: 179 Points.
4. Diegueno: 138 Points.
5. Earl Warren: 133 Points.
6. Correia: 107 Points.
7. San Elijo: 72 Points.
8. Calavera Hills: 50 Points.
9. Coronado: 25 Points.

Individual Results
Boys Shortboard
1. Jordan Collins, Aviara Oaks
2. Noah Jackson, Correia
3. Jack Sampiere, Earl Warren
4. Gianni Scuncio, Valley
5. Ethan Sanford, Oak Crest
6. Dominic Pazanowski, Oak Crest

Boys Shortboard Finalists.

Boys Longboard
1. Nathan Strom, Valley
2. Jordan Collins, Aviara Oaks
3. Tony Moore, Earl Warren
4. Trevor Anderberg, Diegueno
5. Dominic Pazanowski, Oak Crest
6. Joe Curran, Aviara Oaks

Boys Longboard Finalists.

Girls Shortboard
1. Kylie Loveland, Aviara Oaks
2. Sawyer Gilley, Aviara Oaks
3. Olivia Nattrass, Earl Warren
4. Annie Abicca, Diegueno
5. Becky Wasko, Valley
6. Maile Davis, Valley

Girls Shortboard Finalists.

Girls Longboard
1. Sophia Drewelow, Oak Crest
2. Keili McEvilly, Valley
3. Hana McEvilly, Valley
4. Sawyer Gilley, Aviara Oaks
5. Karla Killeen, Diegueno
6. Kaliana Ashkarian, San Elijo

Girls Longboard Finalists.

Coed Bodyboard
1. Sean Lumkong, Oak Crest
2. Connor Cochran, Valley
3. Hunter Lindgren, San Elijo
4. Trevor Anderberg, Diegueno
5. Will Erwin, Diegueno
6. Connor Dougherty, Oak Crest

Bobyboard Finalists.